Arm Drop Nation receives donation of Big Wheels

By Steve LeMaster

July 31, 2013

PRESTONSBURG - Thanks to one company, Arm Drop Guy Kent Rose will be able to offer more Big Wheels during the upcoming Pop’s Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags event, which is scheduled for Aug. 30-31 at Paintsville-Prestonsburg-Combs Field Airport. Recently, Kids Only, Inc., donated Big Wheels for the upcoming race.

Rose started holding Big Wheels races as part of the Pop’s Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags after the inaugural event.

“I never had a Big Wheel as a kid and always wanted to have one,” Rose confided. “With the Pop’s Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags, we’ve always worked hard to have something for everyone. We’ve got Big Wheels and Hot Wheels for the younger kids and racing for the older kids of all ages.” 

“Our hope is that this (donation) will help Kent in his quest to provide such an anticipated and well-loved event to the children and community,” Kids Only, Inc. Marketing Coordinator Deb Powell said in an email.

In all, Rose has acquired 30 Big Wheels (20 big, 10 small) via donation for the Aug. 30-31 event.

Children from numerous Kentucky counties and multiple other states have participated in past Big Wheel races held as part of the Pop’s Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags.

Preston Robinson, a six-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy, hopes to be able to compete in the upcoming Big Wheel race. He had attended the Pop’s Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags in May, but wasn’t able to participate in the Big Wheel race. A Facebook post earlier in the month referred to him practicing on a Big Wheel and noted that “he had ridden about a half-mile and could pedal really fast now.” The post went on to express that he was getting ready for the next race.