Latest sewer project expected to be complete next week

Ralph B. Davis rdavis@civitasmedia.com

August 21, 2013

PRESTONSBURG — Drivers will continue to thread their way between construction barrels for about another week, while utilities workers continue to thread 500 feet of sewer line underground between two work zones.

Prestonsburg City’s Utilities manager David Ellis said Tuesday that work on the project is expected to be complete next week.

“The City’s Utilities Commission is utilizing a slip lining system in repairing a gravity sewer line that has significant failure throughout a 500 foot section,” Ellis said. “By using this process, only the ends of the construction area will need to be excavated. This will reduce the amount of time needed to detour traffic and reduce the amount of repaving necessary for the repair.”

The project is part of a massive effort to separate the city’s sanitary and storm sewer systems that has been under construction for the past four years and is expected to continue for several more years.

Prestonsburg Mayor Jerry Fannin said workers are drilling the path for the new sewer line and then threading the pipe between the two work zones. He said this method is far better than the only other alternative, which would have been to dig up the entire 500-foot section of road. Doing that would have cut off access to several businesses, as well as blocked the eastern side of the intersection Friend Street and North Lake Drive.

“This way, you eliminate a lot of work you would need to do in digging up the road and then compacting the fill afterwards,” Fannin said.

Ellis siad that anyone with questions or concerns about the project is welcome to call Prestonsburg City’s Utilities at (606) 886-6871.