SEK Chamber now accepting Leadership Southeast Kentucky applications

August 30, 2013

Southeast Kentucky has a vision for the future. The Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is delivering this vision and is developing the leaders of eastern Kentucky to implement it through Leadership Southeast Kentucky (LSEK).

LSEK is a training and technical assistance program that builds teams of emerging leaders from throughout the region who have assumed leadership roles in their communities, but may not hold established positions.

Participants in the program attend a two day opening session and eight day-long training seminars, one in each of our eight counties, during a nine-month period. The academy curriculum weaves together topics crucial to the development of community such as education, economic development, healthcare, energy, tourism, government, and banking/finance. Key leadership skills are integrated into each session. Participants are encouraged to apply their previous and newly acquired skills throughout the program.

LSEK is designed to train local leaders within the region’s business community. It may serve as a feeder to regional and statewide institutes through referrals of graduates and limited scholarship programs. The program is based on a set of core beliefs pertaining to the creation of leaders in rural communities:

• Collaborative leadership is the path to a brighter future.

• Successful change and innovation depends on the ability of leaders to strategically analyze issues and options

• Teams of committed people who are unified across traditional boundaries come together as informed catalysts to encourage progressive development

• Real change occurs when leaders act from their head and heart.

• “The only way to predict the future…is to create it.”