Run for the Hills raises thousands for local charities

Cris Ritchie — Editor

October 9, 2013

HAZARD—The third annual Run for the Hills 5K race was held Saturday at Triangle Park as part of the annual Run for the Hills Charity Challenge, and this year’s race attracted a record number of registrations.

Robin Gabbard, with the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky which hosts the charity challenge, said 311 people signed up for the race on Saturday, eclipsing the 300 mark for the first time. In total, the foundation raised over $9,800 this past weekend, bringing the overall total raised during the challenge, which began in August, to more than $106,000. The foundation will continue to accept donations for the challenge through Oct. 31.

The beneficiaries of these funds are 15 local nonprofit organizations in Perry County, and 100 percent of the funds raised will remain in the county. Each of the organizations will be able to keep all of the money raised through the three-month challenge, while the foundation will match up to $10,000 for a permanent endowment for each nonprofit.

Gerry Roll, director of the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, told the Herald last month these funds will not only be used locally for causes in the community, but the challenge provides a method of fundraising that will create funds for these organizations to utilize later on.

“We’re working together to raise money for our local nonprofits because they need the money now, but they also want to save so that we have them in the future,” she said.

Saturday’s Run for the Hills included a 5K race and walk. Brandon Gayheart was the overall winner with a time of 18:48, while Michael Montgomery came in second with a time of 19:33.

Emily Grinstead took first place for the women’s division with a time of 24:04. Sonya Asher finished next at 24:28.

5K Overall

Male – Brandon Gayheart

Female – Emily Grindstead

5K Master (40+)

Male - Randall Watts

Female – Alexa Newsome

5K Grand Master (50+)

Male – Jeffrey Nolan

Female – Kim Dixon


2013 RESULTS (All Age Groups)

14 & Under

1st Weston Sizemore, 2nd Braxton Minke, 3rd Sawyer Patrick

1st Allison Couch, 2nd Eric Gamblin, 3rd Cassidy Adams

15 – 19

1st Jacob Royster

1st Lindsety Ambrose, 2nd Hope Moore, 3rd Kristen Feltner

20 – 24

1st Jimmy Noble, 2nd Timothy Combs, 3rd Jordan Bailey

1st Kathryn Beach, 2nd Allison Coopr, 3rd Brittani Walker

25 – 29

1st Michael Asher, 2nd Derek Allen, 3rd Michael Flynn

1st Sonya Asher, 2nd Summer Asher, 3rd Lindsey McDermott

30 – 34

1st Michael Montgomery, 2nd Kaleb Anderson, 3rd Kevin Bellamy

1st Julie Hatton, 2nd Seleslie Harris, 3rd Jamie Montgomery

35 – 39

1st Mark Combs, 2nd Timothy Vires, 3rd James Hughes

1st Shannon Smith, 2nd Kristie Collett, 3rd Freda Walters

40 -44

1st Darien Ratliff, 2nd Jonathan Jett, 3rd Tim Bates

1st Beth Pnnington, 2nd Beth Pigman, 3rd Vicki Day

45 – 49

1st Michael Smith, 2nd Allan Morton, 3rd Steve Patrick

1st Patti Fisher, 2nd Shelley Gambrel, 3rd Janet Sandlin

50 – 54

1st Dana Duncan, 2nd Tom Cravens, 3rd Jeff Boyd

1st Cindy Stepp, 2nd Sharon White, 3rd Teresa Watts

55 – 59

1st Alan Newkirk, 2nd Danny Maggard, 3rd, Edward Blevin

1st Lillie Baker, 2nd Betsey Clemons, 3rd Susan Boyd

60 – 64

1st Bob Turner, 2nd Mack Baker, 3rd Edward Blevin

1st Margaret Collett, 2nd Joann Newkirk, 3rd Diana Walker

65 – 69

1st John Doll, 2nd Thomas Skaggs, 3rd Winfred Smith

1st Brenda Hughes, 2nd Kathy Doll, 3rd Millie Dee


1st David Reese

1st Wanda Campbell