Majorette reunion begins Friday

October 9, 2013

PRESTONSBURG — The time is finally here for the third annual reunion of all Prestonsburg High School majorette alumni. The reunion is planned for Oct. 11 and 12, during the Jenny Wiley Pioneer Festival.

The festivities will begin Friday, Oct. 11, at 10 a.m., at First Presbyterian Church, in Prestonsburg, where the group will meet, greet, eat and practice in preparation for their performance later that evening, during the PHS football game.

The group will also practice Friday on the PHS football field, at a time to be announced. After a short break, they will gather at the field for a group picture and a meal at 6 p.m. in the band room. Participants will be introduced prior to their performance. All majorette alumni attending the game are asked to report in the school’s band room to submit their name and receive directions for the introductions. After the halftime performance, the group will enjoy the game from a reserved section in the stadium.

New t-shirts are being purchased, and all who wish to participate will need to purchase one. For more information, contact Carol Jo Clark May at (606) 874-2244 or (606) 226-2565, or by email at caroljo@mikrotec.com.

The next day, the group will again meet at the church at 10 a.m., for breakfast, practice and float decoration, prior to the afternoon parade. Alumni will perform in the parade, and those who are unable to perform can ride the float. Those who wish to ride the float in the parade can meet at the church or at the parade starting point at 2 p.m.

Family and friends of deceased majorette alumni are welcome to join the group in the parade. Anyone interested in doing so is asked to contact any participating majorette alum or to call Carol Jo Clark May at (606) 874-2244 or (606) 226-2565, or email her at caroljo@mikrotec.com.

All alumni are asked to contribute to the Elizabeth Frazier Scholarship Program. Checks, written to the scholarship, can be mailed to P.O. Box 396, Allen, KY 41601. Donations to the alumni group will also be appreciated. The group will present the funds to PHS music teacher Greta Gilbert at a designated date.

Following the parade, the group will end the evening with a 6 p.m. banquet at May Lodge, in Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. Old uniforms and memorabilia will be on display, and group and other pictures will be taken, and videos of the weekend’s and other performances will be shown.

Letters have been mailed or emailed to those for who addresses are available. Addresses are still needed for the following:

• Vera Baldridge Brock, 1950-51

• Emma Lee Rice, 1953

• Patty Smith, 1959

• Brenda Kay Hicks, 1961

• Carleen Sue Patton, 1967-68

• Debby Burchett, 1968-69

• Lisa Johnson, 1979-80

• Malesa Hicks, 1982

• Jennifer Gilbert, 1982

• Beth Horn, 1987

• Clyde Preston Lewis, 1990

• Amy Lewis, 1992

• Angel Stephens, 1997-98

• Tonya Estep, 1997-98

• Bethany Smith Briscoe, 1995-98

• Rachel Rae Justice, 1995-98

• Stephanie Hicks, 1998-2000

• Valerie Ratliff, 2000

• Robbie Risner, 2004

Interested alumni or anyone with address information may contact Carol Jo Clark May at (606) 874-2244 or (606) 226-2565, or by email at caroljo@mikrotec.com.