Floyd County standouts earn WYMT All-Mountain Football honors

Special to The Times

December 31, 2013

HAZARD - Several players from Floyd County were honored last week when WYMT announced its annual All-Mountain High School Football Awards. Standouts from Allen Central, Betsy Layne, South Floyd and Prestonsburg earned honors.

The 2013 WYMT All-Mountain High School Foootball Awards follow.

First Team: Quarterback - Riley Hall (Pulaski County).

Running Backs - Brandon Jones (Hazard); Chase Hall (Pikeville).

Wide Receivers - Cam Cheuvront (Somerset); Corey Shelton (Williamsburg).

Kicker - Tyler Pack (Johnson Central).

Utility Player - Jarredd Jarrell (Prestonsburg).

Offensive Line - Belfry.

Defense - Hayden Hatfield (Belfry); Carson Whitehead (Harlan County); Hayden Canady (Knox Central); Lane Daniels (Paintsville); Tyler Fugate (Perry Central); Cody Estep (Pikeville); Matt Hubbard (Pineville); Chase Ousley (Prestonsburg);

Austin Cornett (Pulaski County); Will Mobley (Pulaski County); Jefferson Patrick (Williamsburg).

Second Team: Quarterback - Dalton Sizemore (Williamsburg).

Running Backs - Daymion Belcher (Johnson Central); Gabe Blair (North Laurel).

Wide Receivers: Chris Hudson (Hazard); Jake Johnson (Pulaski County).

Kicker: Keaton Kennedy (North Laurel).

Utility Player - Trevor Jones (Estill County).

Offensive Line - Johnson Central.

Third Team: Quarterback - Dylan Hamilton (Betsy Layne).

Running Backs: Ben Rodgers (Knott Central); Kody Thornsberry (Morgan County).

Wide Receivers: Peyton Case (Betsy Layne); Cody Estep (Pikeville).

Kicker: Austin Woolum (Belfry).

Utility Player: Carson Whitehead (Harlan County).

Offensive Line: Hazard.

Player of the Year: Class A - Brandon Jones (Hazard).

Class 2A - Cam Cheuvront (Somerset).

Class 3A - Sani Warren (Belfry).

Class 4A - Jordan Young (Johnson Central).

Class 5A - Riley Hall (Pulaski County).

Coach of the Year: Class A - Jerry Herron (Williamsburg).

Class 2A - Robbie Lucas (Somerset).

Class 3A - Philip Haywood (Belfry).

Class 4A - Jim Matney (Johnson Central).

Class 5A - John Hines (Pulaski County).

Honorable Mention: Quarterbacks - Cameron Hamilton (Allen Central); Sani Warren (Belfry); Adam White (Breathitt Co.); Tanner Morris (Harlan); Scottie Bailey (Harlan Co.); Tanner Morgan (Hazard); Ryan Turner (Jenkins); AJ Cyrus (Lawrence Co.); Zane Blair (Letcher Central); Aaron Mills (Lynn Camp); Ryan Jenkins (Magoffin Co.); Donnie Foister (Middlesboro); Michael Nelson (North Laurel); Nathan Pray (Perry Central); Da’Von Smith (Phelps);

Mac Justice (Pike Central); Austin Charles (Pikeville); Matt Brooks (Powell Co.); Jarredd Jarrell (Prestonsburg); Corey McPhetridge (Rockcastle Co.); Castle Hatcher (Somerset).

Running Backs - Austin Hatfield (Belfry) ; Trenity Carr (Belfry) ; Justin Johnson (Belfry) ; Austin Caldwell (Bell Co.) ; Jonathan Gilbert (Bell Co.) ; Sam Carr (Clay Co.) ; Jake Coppock (Corbin) ; Taylor Waddle (Corbin) ; Jacob Skeens (East Ridge) ; Cory Chorak (Harlan) ; Fred Massey (Harlan Co.) ; Austin Hundley (Jackson Co.); Jordan Young (Johnson Central); Jonathan Gist (Knox Central) ; Derek Ferguson (Lawrence Co.) ; Ricky Goble (Lawrence Co.) ; Hunter Hall (Letcher Central); Jaylen Williams (Letcher Central); Clay Elam (Magoffin Co.) ; Ryan Pittman (Middlesboro); Kent Phelps (Paintsville) ; Conner Ford (Pineville) ; Dalton Frasure (Prestonsburg); Caleb Cox (Pulaski Co.) ; Aaron Smith (Pulaski Co.) ; Chandler Rowe (Shelby Valley) ; Brandon Butcher (Sheldon Clark); Will Lange (Somerset) ; Bryson Jones (Somerset) ; Blake Dye (South Floyd) ; Jacob Hale (South Laurel) ; Logan Campisano (Southwestern); Zac Mills (Whitley Co.) ; Jefferson Patrick (Williamsburg).

Wide Receivers: Keaton Taylor (Belfry); Dustin Rogers (Betsy Layne); Lako Daniels (Betsy Layne); Wes Noble (Breathitt Co.); Cole Wilson (Harlan Co.); Stefan Lewis (Leslie Co.); Houston Watts (Letcher Central); Tyler Reynolds (Lynn Camp);

Kris Burton (Magoffin Co.); Austin Poindexter (Middlesboro); Cole Lewis (North Laurel); Lane Daniels (Paintsville); Brad Elkins (Pike Central); Brett Goodwin (Powell Co.); Chatlin Jarrell (Prestonsburg); George Gregory (Pulaski Co.); Tyler Harper (Rockcastle Co.); John Hughes (Rockcastle Co.); Skylar Griffith (Williamsburg); Chase Lowrie (Williamsburg).

Kickers: Kevin Eversole (Hazard); Brad Nordin (Paintsville); LJ Allara (Pikeville); Brently Patrick (Williamsburg).

Defense: Sani Warren (Belfry); Keaton Taylor (Belfry); Joey Duty (Belfry); Blake Spencer (Betsy Layne); Trevor Jones (Estill Co.); Drew Middleton (Harlan); Travis Laws (Harlan); Cole Wilson (Harlan Co.); Derek Akal (Harlan Co.); Zach Chitwood (Harlan Co.); Josh Puckett (Jenkins); Cole Brown (Jenkins); Jordan Young (Johnson Central); Grant Kiser (Lawrence Co.); Josh Bray (Leslie Co.); Hunter Hall (Letcher Central); Josh Poe (Magoffin Co.); Tyler Prater (Middlesboro); Gabe Blair (North Laurel); Jake McFadden (North Laurel); Blake Williams (Paintsville); Prater Helton (Paintsville); Michael Shepherd (Perry Central); Ricky Gibson (Perry Central); Cody Taylor (Perry Central); Austin Black (Pikeville); Kyle Wallace (Prestonsburg); Jacob Denney (Pulaski Co.); George Gregory (Pulaski Co.); Aaron Smith (Pulaski Co.); Jesse Whitaker (Pulaski Co.); Jared Lake (Rockcastle Co.); Quinton Williams (Shelby Valley);

Kagen Skidmore (Somerset); Mack Little (South Floyd); Simon Vanderpool (Whitley Co.); Chris Helton (Williamsburg); Michael Rose-Creekmore (Williamsburg); Skylar Griffith (Williamsburg);

Corey Shelton (Williamsburg); Chase Lowrie (Williamsburg).