KDMC mobile mammography unit to visit Prestonsburg, April 15

March 27, 2014

PRESTONSBURG – There are two things women can do to find breast cancer early. The first is to have regular clinical breast exams. The second is to have a high-quality mammogram.

King’s Daughters Medical Center provides high-quality, digital mammography services at its Center for Advanced Imaging in Ashland and at locations throughout the region aboard its mobile mammography unit. All testing is performed by specially trained mammography technologists using digital equipment, which results in less radiation exposure.

KDMC’s mobile mammography unit will be at King’s Daughters Medical Specialties Prestonsburg, 1279 Old Abbott Mountain Road beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 15.

A physician order is not required but an appointment is necessary. To schedule, please call King’s Daughters Centralized Scheduling at (606) 408-2742 or toll free 1-877-304-1935.

Recent changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act mean that women covered by Medicare can receive this life-saving exam without co-pay or deductible every year beginning at age 40. The ACA also requires that non-grandfathered private health plans provide coverage for mammograms without co-pays or deductibles. Mammograms are also covered under the Medicaid program.

The National Cancer Institute estimates one of every eight women born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during her life. Age is the biggest risk factor for developing breast cancer. Additional risk include genetics; personal/family history of breast cancer; dense breast tissue; menstruation before age 12; menopause after 55; first full-term pregnancy after age 30 or never being pregnant; obesity after menopause; and alcohol use.

According to the NCI, the risk that a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer during the next 10 years, starting at the following ages, is:

· Age 30 – 0.44 percent (1 in 227)

· Age 40 – 1.47 percent (1 in 68)

· Age 50 – 2.38 percent (1 in 42)

· Age 60 – 3.56 percent (1 in 28)

· Age 70 – 3.82 percent (1 in 26)

The National Cancer Institute recommends women age 40 and older have a mammogram every one to two years. Women who are at higher risk should talk to their healthcare provider about whether to have a mammogram before age 40 and how often to have them thereafter.

King’s Daughters provides a limited number of free mammograms to uninsured/underinsured women through grant funding provided by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For more information, please call 1-888-377-KDMC (5362).