Ada Brabant to celebrate 103rd birthday in Prestonsburg

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Ada Brabant enjoys spending time with family including her great-granddaughter.

Ada Brabant was born to Dutch immigrants on March 16, 1914, the last of five children and the only one born in the United States. She grew up in the northwestern part of South Dakota where horses were the only mode of transportation most of her early life and the land provided little in terms of quality living. However, there are many wonderful memories that she often shares with the family and friends about those formative years. She met and married Pete Brabant while he was stationed at Fort Meade, SD, and upon the end of his military commitment moved to Michigan to live the next 70+ years. Together they raised four children, Leroy, Ron, Ken and Nancy.

Pete passed away shortly after their 50th anniversary but Ada continued to live at their home place outside of Deckerville, Michigan, tending her flowers, working at the local grocery a couple of days a week, reading, and creating many afghans to be shared throughout the family. As the years passed, Ada enjoyed traveling to places she had never dreamed of seeing in her younger years and visiting her children who had moved to other states over the years. By 2010, most all her immediate family lived quite some distance away from her; and while she still gardened and drove about the small town in which she lived, it was becoming more difficult and lonely for her. She elected to begin spending part of her time with son Ken and his wife Debbie in the UP of Michigan as well as with her daughter Nancy and husband Jim here in Kentucky with occasional visits to Myrtle Beach with son Ron and his wife Dorothy. In 2013 Ada decided to make Kentucky her permanent home and came to Prestonsburg full-time.

A trip back to Michigan took place in 2014 to celebrate her 100th birthday and have a time to visit with old friends and many family members. Ada continues to enjoy the news, politics, crossword puzzles, reading, and old-time country music listening to her favorite CDs late into the night. While she has lost her husband Pete and her oldest son Leroy, she has in addition to her remaining three children, 10 grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, and seven great-great-grandchildren.

Her 103rd birthday will be celebrated here in Prestonsburg with her children joining her for several days of visiting.

Ada Brabant enjoys spending time with family including her great-granddaughter. Brabant enjoys spending time with family including her great-granddaughter.

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