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When a mom gets ‘babatized’

By Dawn Reed - For The Floyd County Times

Dawn Reed

Two girls I love dearly were saved a few weeks ago. Though, no doubt others had been praying for them over the years, I had personally prayed for one for over eight years and the other for seven. It’s a sweet story I will tell you sometime.

The best thing is that they settled the most important matter in their lives. Both are young mothers, and frankly I’m excited for their kids: Madi and Kaden. My mother taught me many things, but the one I value above all is she taught me to love Jesus.

After people are saved, there is a chain of events. There’s the telling of the decision, which seems a little awkward at times. You tell your family and friends. When someone is saved, it makes others think about their own souls, so depending on who your family and friends are, there can be questions or even sometimes negativity. Then, there’s the baptism part. I’ll be the first to tell you that you don’t HAVE to be baptized to go to heaven. (The thief on the cross was not baptized.) But it’s a public and outward symbol of what’s gone on inside and really you SHOULD do it. Also, it connects you to a church. That’s where you go to GET baptized.

Madi, who is almost four, is loaded with questions about everything. Her imagination amazes me. She had plenty of things to ask and say about her Mom being “bab-a-tized”. (Kids always put an extra “b” in it!) She was puzzled when her Mom waded into the baptistery water in a white robe.

“Mommy?” she asked after church.

“Yes?” her newly saved Mom answered.

“Why were you in the water?”

After a moment, Madi’s Mom said, “I wanted to show people that I gave my heart to Jesus.” (I thought that was a brilliant reply!)

Madi’s eyes got big. “You gave Him your heart?” she repeated suddenly scared. “I don’t WANT you to give Him your heart!” she insisted.

“Why don’t you want me to give Him my heart?” Mom asked.

“Because you won’t have one!” said Madi horrified, which made perfect sense.

Madi’s Mom is a smart cookie, too. She had her little girl put her finger on her pulse. “See, I still have a heart. Feel my heartbeat.”

Madi was relieved but not finished. “But, if you give your heart to Jesus, will you still love ME?!”

“Of course I will!” assured Madi’s Mom. “Now, I love you even MORE!”

They hugged and Madi went on to play.

Kaden, who is two, loves everything, especially the kids’ songs at church. His favorite so far is “I’m in the Lord’s army!” always dancing and swaying when he hears it. He’s a hoot!

Life can often be difficult, so trusting in Jesus starting at an early age is such a blessing! Madi and Kaden are also starting an adventure! In the Bible, they will make new friends with boys and girls, big and little who loved and trusted God. They will learn about David facing a giant, Noah and his family on the ark with all the animals, Jonah being swallowed by a big fish, and all the other good stories. And their Mom’s will learn it, too!

We teach our kids about germs, brushing their teeth, fashion and sports. Why not teach them, too, about Jesus?

Giving your heart to Jesus doesn’t make life perfect, it just makes it so much better.

Dawn Reed Reed
When a mom gets ‘babatized’

By Dawn Reed

For The Floyd County Times

Dawn Reed is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.

Dawn Reed is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.


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