Split odds for renters

Two fun flicks shared the shelf with a pair of yawners this week offering renters a 50/50 chance of a good evening.

KINGSMAN: SECRET SERVICE – This was promoted as a teen flick but it actually offers more to adults who want their action a little edgier. The film follows a young man who is recruited to serve Britain covertly. The training is outrageous and makes clear that only the survivors will be considered qualified. Lots of gore here too so keep the kids away. Colin Firth is fine as a gentleman spy who trains the recruits and Samuel L. Jackson steals his moments as a super villain with a speech impediment that does not impede his thirst for carnage.

PROJECT ALMANAC – A group of young adults discover a time machine and immediately begin messing around with it and accidentally causing mayhem, and anomalies. Sorry but time travel has been done so well in classic films and television that this one just feels tired as it doesn’t do anything new.

SERENA – Love story about a logging kingpin who falls for a rugged female who swings a mean ax. This depression age drama is big on star power and stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Unfortunately it is also big on yawn power and will have you checking your watch when you’re not nodding off.

BABYSITTER WANTED – Horror films about babysitters have been done to death but this one comes along and actually does something new and tremendously scary with the concept. The film starts with a young woman going off to college. She is not rich and needs to take jobs to supplement her education but she should have turned this one down. She is offered the titular gig at a remote farm. Far from town and stuck watching over a strange boy with odd eating habits she soon finds herself trying to save her charge from a hulking killer. There is a huge twist here in the final third that will have you riveted to the screen as things take a surprising turn that I refuse to give away. Enjoy, this one is a winner.

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