Remembering brothers who served during WW2

by Jackson Latta

Bruce Huff

Mont Huff

PIPPA PASSES – As we turn back the clock this week to remember the assault on Pearl Harbor, its important to also remember those who gave their all during the great conflict of World War II.

It has been 74 years since that Zero airplanes of the Imperial Japanese Air corp flew over the island of Oahu, Hawaii and led a disastrous assault on the pacific fleet of the United States. Following that infamous day, many Americans signed up to fight in the second world war.

One Eastern Kentuckian was already serving however, when the bombs began to rain down on Pearl Harbor.

Mont R. Huff, of Pippa Passes, was stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1941 when the attack came. An Army soldier, he was stationed away from the ships at the time, and survived the onslaught. Huff would go on to serve on the Philippine Islands, where some of the bloodiest battles of the war were fought. Mont Huff also served in the last active horse Calvary regiment at Fort Meade.

Huff’s brother, Bruce Huff, would also go on to serve in the military during the war, as a sailor in the Navy. Bruce found himself aboard a battleship during the largest amphibious landing in the pacific theatre during the war, and watched as Marines stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima.

These two brothers served with honor and distinction. They were the sons of Grover Cleveland Huff and Vilhoa Slone Huff, both of Pippa Passes.

Bruce Huff Huff

Mont Huff Huff

by Jackson Latta

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