Betsy Layne finishes first in Jenny Wiley Academic Conference

Staff Report

PRESTONSBURG 0- Floyd County Superintendent Henry Webb has announced the season results of the high school divisions of the Jenny Wiley Academic Conference (JWAC).

“The board team and I congratulate Betsy Layne High School Academic Team for placing first overall and first in written assessment in our Jenny Wiley Academic Conference,” Webb commented. “We also congratulate Allen Central High for placing first in Quick Recall and want to recognize our KIDS who have excelled in our league this year. Please join us in wishing our kids the best of luck in the upcoming district Governor’s Cup competitions that will be held at South Floyd. Future Problem Solving and Composition competitions will be Tuesday, January 26, and written assessments and quick recall will be Saturday, January 30.”


Final Standings: 1. Betsy Layne; 2. Prestonsburg; 3. Allen Central; 4. South Floyd.

Quick Recall: 1. Allen Central; 2. Prestonsburg; 3. Betsy Layne; 4. South Floyd.

Written Assessment: 1. Betsy Layne; 2. Prestonsburg; 3. Allen Central; 4. South Floyd.

Math: 1. Victoria Johnson (South Floyd); 2. Ryan Hall (South Floyd; 2. Camron Howell (South Floyd); 3. Will Tackett (South Floyd); 4. Jacob Morris (Allen Central); 5. Tate Green (Prestonsburg).

Social Studies: 1. Sydney Hackworth (Prestonsburg); 2. Jordan Pack (Allen Central); 3. Brody Coleman (Betsy Layne); 4. Ryan Hall (South Floyd); 5. Lakeisha Crum (Betsy Layne); 5. Alex Shepherd (Prestonsburg).

Language Arts: 1. Deanna Kidd (Betsy Layne); 2. Amanda McKinney (Betsy Layne); 2. Sarah Akers (South Floyd); 3. Billy Joe Patton (Prestonsburg); 4. Whitley McKinney (Allen Central); 5. Sarah Thomas (Betsy Layne); 5. Emily Hamilton (Prestonsburg).

Arts & Humanities: 1. Lakeisha Crum (Betsy Layne); 2. Amanda McKinney (Betsy Layne); 3. Natalie Lester (Allen Central); 4. Sydney Hackworth (Prestonsburg); 5. Jacob Hall (South Floyd).

Science: 1. Cora Boyd (Betsy Layne); 2. Deanna Kidd (Betsy Layne); 3. Sheri Kestner (Prestonsburg); 4. Kade Meade (Betsy Layne); 5. Dawson Lewis (Betsy Layne).

English Composition: 1. Jordan Pack (Allen Central); 2. Rachel Hampton (Allen Central); 3. Paige Lemaster (Prestonsburg); 4. Faith Thornsbury (Prestonsburg); 5. Kionna Vance (South Floyd).

Staff Report

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