JWAC Middle School standings announced

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PRESTONSBURG – Floyd County Superintendent Henry Webb announced the season results of the middle school divisions of the Jenny Wiley Academic Conference (JWAC) on Wednesday.

“The board team and I want to congratulate our kids who have excelled in our league this year, especially to Allen Central Middle for placing first,” Webb commented. “Yesterday was the composition and Future Problem Solving competitions for the district Governor’s Cup and the written assessments and Quick Recall meets are scheduled for Saturday. We wish all of our students the best of luck in the upcoming Governor’s Cup competitions.”

The JWAC Middle School Standings follow.

Final Standings: 1. Allen Central, 2. South Floyd, 3. Betsy Layne, 4. Adams, 5. Stumbo, 6. Allen.

Quick Recall: 1. Allen Central, 2. Betsy Layne, 3. South Floyd, 4. Stumbo, 5. Adams, 6. Allen.

Written Assessment: Allen Central, 2. South Floyd, 3. Betsy Layne, 4. Adams, 5. Stumbo, 6. Allen.

Math: 1. Kade Scott (Allen Central), 2. Ryan Sword (Allen Central), 3. Cameron Goble (Allen Central), 4. Savanna Price (South Floyd), 5. Adam Hutchinson (Allen Central).

Science: 1. Adam Hutchinson (Allen Central), 2. Cameron Goble (Allen Central), 3. Grace Osborne (Betsy Layne), 4. Caleb Slone, 4. George Thornsbury, 5. Savanna Price (South Floyd).

Language Arts: 1. Grace Osborne (Betsy Layne), 2. Preston Crace (Allen Central), 3. Victoria Sexton (Allen Central), 4. Kelli Thomas (South Floyd), 5. Laikin Tackett (Allen Central).

Arts & Humanities: 1. Kade Scott (Allen Central), 2. Andrew Stratton (Betsy Layne), 3. Karanda Newsome (Stumbo), 4. Chloe Watson (South Floyd), 5. Lauren Gearheart (Allen Central), 5. Jhaughanessy Morris (Allen Central).

Social Studies: 1. Preston Crace (Allen Central), 2. Kelli Thomas (South Floyd), 3. Andrew Stratton (Betsy Layne), 4. Dylan Hamilton (Stumbo), 4. Katie Stumbo (South Floyd), 5. Cameron Kimbler (South Floyd).

English Composition: 1. Tabitha Mitchell (Allen), 2. Karanda Newsome (Stumbo), 3. Laikin Tackett (Allen Central), 3. Summer Little (South Floyd), 4. Madison Thornsberry (Allen Central), 4. Olyvia Conn (Allen), 4. Savanna Price (South Floyd), 4. Katie Stumbo (South Floyd), 5. Lindsay Caudill (Allen).

Staff Report


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