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Making history and making memories

By Dawn Reed

My Mom and I caucused on Saturday. (I love that word, but it sounds like a sickness-something with a cough and mucus.)

First, I went to the caucus at the MAC. All of Floyd County and Knott County were to cast their votes at that location so I expected a multitude. I had just gotten my haircut and thought I’d swing by, beating the rush. (I had no makeup on and a Belfry shirt from 2003 – no kidding.)

I was 20 minutes early and fourth in line. It was a genius idea of mine…beating the crowd. I knew I’d have to wait, so why not now? I spoke to the men in front of me. They chattered about different things.

Having a caucus sounds painful (back to the cough and mucus thing). Quite a few were grumbling about voting in a different way. Rand Paul’s name was taken in vain numerous time. (I had done some grumbling, myself-at home, since I’d heard the date. It’s petty, I know, but I just didn’t want to spend the day making my choice. I had seen one of the early elections where people were standing in bunches and then moved about. It looked weird and uncomfortable; like an all-day event.)

At 10 sharp, the Caucus Officials allowed us to register. They pointed to the lines we were to stand in. (There was also a line for sausage biscuits!) We signed our names and then took a paper ballot. We chose our candidate, filled in his/her bubble-like our old Standardized tests-and then put it in the correct county box. I whispered to an older man from Knott County, “We’re making history today. Weird history, but history.” I left the MAC feeling like I had accomplished something.

My Mom and all of Pike County were supposed to vote at Kimper, KY. She’s 75 and NOT feeble in any way, but it seemed like an awful long way to go to vote. She was determined. She had never missed an election and would not this time either, no matter how strange it was. I wanted to meet her at John’s Creek and drive her to the elementary school. At least we could talk as we rode in the car. It would be fun!

The Kimper caucus was packed! We barely found a place to park. (We were thrilled, fearing a low turnout due to the different setting.) There was excitement in the air and laughter as people lined up to sign in and then vote. The Kimper gym was full! We saw so many people we knew! Some I hadn’t seen in decades! (Note to self: always wear makeup and a more current Belfry shirt when caucusing!)

After voting, my Mom and I decided we would venture to Phelps to eat at Hornet’s since we were so close. I’ve been hearing about their Krazy Cheese Bread for years. So had she. It was high time we tasted what everyone was talking about! My Mom was hungry for a crème horn, too. I’d heard that Phelps had LOTS of crème horns so I was bound and determined to find her one.

After several miles, and thinking we were lost, we found Hornet’s. The girls inside were so sweet. We told them we had come from Prestonsburg and Belfry to eat there. In no time at all we had steaming delicious Krazy Cheese Bread. We moaned with each bite. (On a scale from one to 10-with 10 being the best-it was a 19!) They were out of crème horns but called the sweet lady who made them to bring some over…and she did! Before we had finished eating, Brenda-the crème horn fairy-floated in carrying a massive tray of still warm treats! Wow!

No long after, stuffed with Krazy Cheese bread and crème horns, we headed back to John’s Creek, where my Mom’s car waited. It was the best day! We laughed and started a dozen different conversations on our way. (We don’t usually finish them all.) My Mom told me stories I hadn’t known about my great-grandparents, fried potatoes, Homemade Hollow and Rook. (I’ll tell you that one sometime.) We talked of making history by being at the caucus and then making memories-finally-at Hornet’s.

As I drove back to Prestonsburg, I thought of how frustrated I had been in the change of voting. It had been so easy before. Then suddenly, I thought of all the people in our American history who had sacrificed greatly to give me that freedom. The price of democracy has been too great for me to drop the ball now! Kimper or the MAC is not too far to drive or even walk! I will vote no matter how hard it is!

And I will pray! We all need to! For the candidates, our state and our country. We are blessed in so many ways, yet need the Lord’s help now more than ever!
Making history and making memories

By Dawn Reed

Dawn Reed is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.

Dawn Reed is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.

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