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In our preschool class on Wednesday nights we have been studying about the Patriarchs. They don’t know that big word, but we’ve studied them nonetheless: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Starting a few weeks ago, we learned of Abraham and Sarah. They loved God and followed Him to a strange new land. Our littles loved that they piled up all their stuff on camels (probably) and then lived in tents! They were glad when they heard Abraham and Sarah had three visitors one day who said old Sarah would have a baby. We all belly laughed like Sarah did at the thought of it. (We played “Throw Sarah in the Tent”, which sounds awful but was a lot of fun.)

Sure enough…Sarah had a baby boy the next year and named him Isaac. When I asked the group what you need when you are going to have a baby, one boy said, “Scissors”. I was confused and asked why. He said, “To get it out.” I was horrified! The little girl next to him said, “No…God made a special way for the babies to get out…” I thought, “What the thunder?!” but she stopped (miraculously!) and we continued with the lesson. Whew! We sang Father Abraham til our arms, legs, heads and tongues were wagging!

Next, we learned that that special baby boy Isaac grew up and needed a wife. We read that Abraham’s servant went back to his homeland to find the right woman for his son. The servant stopped to pray for God’s direction. In our children’s Bible there are the cutest pictures to tell the story!

The servant was kneeling by the well as he prayed. He said, “O, lord, God of my master Abraham, give me success today…may it be that when I say to a girl, ‘Please let me have a drink,’ and she says, ‘I’ll water your camels, too’, let her be the one you have chosen for Isaac…” It was a tender teaching moment. All the children were looking at the picture of the servant praying by the well. We talked about how we can talk to God anywhere we are. Suddenly, one of the boys announced, “You can whiz in that well!”

I was stunned! “Beg pardon?” I asked with big eyes. Mrs. Tommie, the other teacher, was in our story circle and her eyes were big, too. “You can whiz in that well!” he repeated with great emphasis on the word “WHIZ”. I blinked and then said softly, “No, you can’t whiz in that well,” planning to go right on with the lesson. He was adamant, “Yes, you can! You can whiz in that well!” he insisted. I blinked again. What on earth?! This had never happened before!

In a whisper voice I said, “That well was for people and animals to drink from. You can’t whiz in that well.” I really didn’t want to keep going with that point. As I live and breathe, he came back with “Oh, yes you can!” and was getting louder. I didn’t know what to do. He wouldn’t let it go! I looked at Mrs. Tommie and she shrugged.

“Mrs. Dawn, you can too whiz in that well…It’s a whizzing well!” he exclaimed and I nearly fell out of my chair. Praise the Lord!!! A whizzing well…but he was meaning wishing well!!! “Yes, of course!” I breathed at last. “You can wish in that well!”

Holy smokes, where were we?! Sure enough, before the servant finished praying…along came Rebekah. She not only gave him a drink, but watered all ten of his camels!!! The kiddies loved counting camels and playing our “Water the Camels” game. We made quite a mess. Then we carried plastic jugs on our shoulders like Rebekah did.

As Mrs. Tommie and I cleaned up the room after class, we laughed. One of these days our preschooler is going to see a wishing well out somewhere. When his parents ask if he wants to make a wish he’s gonna yell, “Noooo!!! Mrs. Dawn said I can’t!” but they won’t have a clue why.

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