MSU Space Science Center’s Star Theater nearing 100,000 visitors

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MOREHEAD – The Morehead State University Space Science Center’s Star Theater has educated and entertained audiences young and old since its opening in June of 2009. During its years of operation, the Star Theater has hosted more than 89,000 visitors and averages an annual attendance of approximately 12,700 visitors per year. Visitors to the Star Theater include MSU classes, public and private K-12 school groups, civic organizations and members of the general public.

The 116-seat digital theater serves as a classroom and planetarium for the region’s educators, students and the general public. The Star Theater projects full 180º x 360º real-time blended video and graphics onto a 40-foot dome screen using six digital projectors and state-of-the-art surround sound.

In digital theater mode, the use of the all-dome video allows a broad range of programming including simulated travel through deep space and through the deepest depths of the ocean allowing free movement through a 3-D universe viewing endless astronomical phenomena, such as comets, planets, and supernova with full motion and 3-D texturing.

This summer, the Star Theater will present public shows each Friday, June 10 through July 29. A planetarium show and night sky tour will be given at 1 p.m. each Friday, followed by a laser show at 2:15 p.m.

A schedule of these programs is included at the end of this article, and you can find descriptions of each show on our Star Theater website, under “K-12 School Shows”. The cost of each show will be $2 per person per show, with children under the age of four able to attend for free. Alternatively, the theater offers programs for the general public on the third weekend of each month, September through May, at a low cost for visitors of all ages. These monthly shows will resume the evening of Friday, Sept. 16. In addition, the theater offers special group shows for school groups, youth groups, summer camps, and civic organizations at a low cost

This coming school year, Star Theater director Eric Thomas hopes “that the Star Theater will surpass the 100,000 visitor mark in its eighth year of operation.” According to Thomas, “This would be a major accomplishment, as the initial expectations for the theater would only have seen around 6,000 visitors per year. The Star Theater allows visitors to travel from the darkest depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of the known universe, and presents programs that are culturally diverse and informative across a wide variety of topics. This attendance count would be a major milestone for our local planetarium and could help spark interest in earth and space science in our community and throughout Kentucky.”

For more information about the Star Theater and its public programs, visit its website

To help the Star Theater reach its attendance goal, visit one of the public show programs or book a private show. If interested in booking a private show, contact Eric Thomas at 606-783-9593 or email [email protected]

Staff Report


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