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SAVAGE - 2011, Unrated

By Tom Doty

A forest fire stirs up all kinds of trouble in this monster mash that finds Bigfoot on a rampage when a blaze upsets his food supply in this eco-horror yarn.

The action begins with firefighters doing their best to turn back a bad one in Bear Valley National Park.. They are set upon by a lightning fast beast that wipes out all but one of them .T he survivor makes it to the road where he is almost run over by a park ranger.

He confesses that he didn’t see what did in his buddies and says it could have been a bear. The ranger calls it in and requests help . Sadly Bigfoot gets there first and is only into helping himself to some dinner. A second ranger, Jack Fremont, is dispatched.

Meanwhile we meet other characters who have come to the Park. Davis is a young , tad dorky, scientist who believes in Bigfoot and has hired a local tracker, Jack Owen , to help him . The Hanleys are a young couple who are hiding out after a crime spree. Then there is Hudson , a local developer with a vested interest in the area, who will also benefit from great prices now that the fire has ruined surrounding land that was being eyed by competitors.

The Hanleys are able to bury the guns they used in a robbery and hunker down to hunt and fish while hoping the heat dies down, ah irony. Fremont finds them suspicious but is too busy with the missing firefighters to challenge their story. Turns out Mr. Hanley is good thief but a lousy husband. He smacks his wife around which makes him the perfect victim for Bigfoot . You actually rot for the monster when this tool’s time is up.

Hanley winds up with Davis and Owen ,who rescue her . Davis is thrilled with her story and falls hard for the shaken, and now former ,Mrs. Hanley. Meanwhile Fremont becomes convinced that the legends about Bigfoot might be real when he finally comes across the remains of a few victims. They are cached away in a makeshift lair that is too sophisticated for a bear.

Now there is a bigger problem as the fire is raging out of control. The blaze is heading towards Fremont’s cabin where his pregnant wife is all alone. A rescue attempt goes wonky when Bigfoot shows up at the Fremont’s doorstep. Barring themselves in is not an option with that fire spreading their way and it all leads to an action packed conclusion in which taking down Bigfoot is a necessary evil if they are to effect an escape.

This is one of the better Sasquatch flicks thanks to good characters who don’t act stupid in tense situations .there is also some great Bigfoot make-up. The film holds back on showing him till the second

half but he is well rendered with blinding sped, a cool suit, and lightning reflexes. The way he runs close to the ground is especially cool as is a scene where he keeps pace with a speeding jeep.

The gore is pretty heavy at times and includes viscera dripping from trees, chomp downs, and a graphic attack on two unfortunates. The movie also answers that age old question of whether Bigfoot does number two in the woods. He does and it’s murder getting it off your boots!

Best Lines: “Sorry, it’s my first time wiping dead body parts off my face.”

“Think it was a bear?”

‘They ain’t gonna have time for your theories while they are feasting on your throat.”

SAVAGE – 2011, Unrated

By Tom Doty

Tom Doty is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.

Tom Doty is a columnist for The Floyd County Times.

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