‘Blue Light’ Bill passes Senate; will increase highway safety in Kentucky

Staff Report

FRANKFORT – The Senate gave approval Friday to a measure prohibiting motor vehicles from being equipped with blue lights, which are distinctively used by law enforcement. House Bill 74, sponsored by Rep. Donna Mayfield, R-Winchester, seeks to ensure that drivers are able to make a clear distinction between law enforcement and private vehicles, giving them the ability to respond accordingly in appropriate circumstances.

“I sincerely hope this legislation will allow law enforcement to more successfully and safely do their jobs,” said Rep. Mayfield. “This bill should eliminate all confusion for vehicles traveling our roadways; blue lights are for law enforcement only. I am truly honored that my friends in the Senate approached this issue with the depth and seriousness it deserves. Their quick action on the bill will prevent unnecessary safety concerns from infringing on law enforcement and motorists.”

Rep. Mayfield’s bill House Bill 74 does provide an exemption for non-halogen headlamps, which have a slight blue tint and meet the United State Department of Transportation’s regulations.

The bill now heads to the Governor, where it is expected to be signed into law.

Staff Report

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