Wheelwright lodge wins award

Annual Masonic event held in Shelbyville

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SHELBYVILLE – Lodge of Wheelwright #889 won the award for traveling the farthest – 193 miles – to the annual Great Day of Service at Masonic Home of Shelbyville recently. Volunteers helped beautify and perform service projects at the Shelbyville and Louisville campuses for the annual tradition. 150 volunteers were in attendance at the Shelbyville event, with 400 volunteers total taking part in the special day across the two campuses. The group also joined together to form a large human square and compass figure on the campus.

“As we celebrate 150 years, it’s exciting to honor the incredible tradition of giving and charity by what is believed to be the oldest fraternity in the world, the Masons,” said Gary Marsh, President and CEO of Masonic Homes. “While today, Masonic Homes of Kentucky serves everyone regardless of affiliation, it was truly a special occasion to honor the small group of Kentucky Masons that in 1867, had the idea to establish a Home in Louisville for widows and children of the Civil War.”

The Masons – a group with a legacy of giving and charity – saw early the need for a home to tend to and care for those families left behind by the Civil War that hit Kentucky hard. Today, the Masons’ tradition of doing good continues as Masonic Homes has evolved to become an expert in modern aging care and other specialized services for people of all ages and affiliations, at its Louisville, Shelbyville and Northern Kentucky campuses.

For more about Masonic Homes, visit www.masonichomesky.com. To learn more about the Masonic Homes incredible 150-year history , visit www.mhky150.com.

http://floydcountytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_-889_Wheelwright.jpgphoto courtesy of Masonic Homes of Kentucky
Annual Masonic event held in Shelbyville

Staff Report


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