East Kentucky Science Center and Varia Planetarium announces summer camps

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PRESTONSBURG – The East Kentucky Science Center and Varia Planetarium (EKSC) have announced its summer camp schedule.

The EKSC is located on the Prestonsburg campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

Here is a rundown of the camps:


Colorific | June 1 | $10 Member and $15 Non-Member

Discover the wonderful world of color and dive into rainbow-filled fun in this Colorific summer camp. Participants will learn songs about the primary colors, reflection and refraction; make rainbow bubble art; and make a take-home kaleidoscope. The planetarium show, Colors of the World, is part of the camp.

Riverworks’ Make A Splash | June 13 | Member $10 and Non-Member $15

Dive into the exciting Riverworks camp full of aquatic surprises. Participants will make a splash with a live stream table and learn about erosion, how things float and sink, and paddle for an adventure in a real canoe (on land only). The planetarium show, Enchanted Reef, is part of the camp.

Kindergarten through Second Grade

Simple Machines | June 6 | Member $25 and Non-Member $30

Participants will learn about simple machines and discover they are more fun than they thought. The camp includes interactive lessons, games and activities and discovering the fun of launching, wheeling, rolling and spinning. The planetarium show, Rusty Rocket’s Last Blast, is part of the camp.

Solar Daze | June 15 | Member $25 and Non-Member $30

This camp includes interactive games and take-home activities centered on the sun. Participants will learn why the sun moves across the sky, how its rays can affect our bodies and how it powers the water cycle. The planetarium show, Sunstruck, is part of the camp.

Third and Fourth Grades

Elements of the Universe | June 8 | Members $25 and Non-Members $30

Participants will learn what the universe is made of, what kinds of elements of the universe you can find on earth and how they are used every day. The camp will also include activities on how to manipulate geological specimens and view elements with diffraction grating lenses. The planetarium show, Oasis in Space, is part of the camp.

Fourth through Eighth Grades

Astronautics | June 20-21 | Member $40 and Non-Member $50

The two-day camp explores what happens to the human body in space. It also explores if humans could survive on other planets and what you would wear in space. Participants will also get to build and launch their own rocket. The planetarium show, Astronaut, is part of the camp.

Fifth through Ninth Grades

Engineering Technology | June 28-29 | Member $30 and Non-Member $40

This two-day camp is funded in part by the Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative. Participants will explore the world of engineering through littlebits technology and spark an interest in STEM related subjects for girls. The planetarium show, To Space and Back, is part of the camp.

Epic Robots and Programming | July 13 | Member $25 and Non-Member $30

This camp is funded in part by a Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. Participants will discover the world of programming with epic robots, tackle obstacle courses, create graphics and face challenges in today’s ever-evolving world of technology. The planetarium show, Moons: A World of Mystery, is part of the camp.

For more information, contact Susan Scott at (606) 886-4766 or email [email protected]

Staff Report


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