Floyd County youth excel at Kentucky State Fair

Staff Report

PRESTONSBURG – Floyd County youth had the opportunity to let their talent shine by participating in 4-H Project work. Four-H projects are a perfect example of putting to work the “learn by doing” concept that is at the foundation of the Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Program. Project work helps members to develop inquiring minds and an eagerness to learn, as well as build on practical living skills. Youth are eager to participate and learn because project work is both educational and fun. Project work experiences enable youth to develop and improve such life skills as time management, teamwork, and communications. It also gives them an opportunity to compete at the annual Kentucky State Fair.

These experiences help 4-Hers develop life skills including mastering technology, leadership and career exploration that are helpful throughout their lives. Floyd County youth had the opportunity to choose from over 100 projects this schoolyear. Projects ranged from woodworking, cooking, sewing, electricity, geology, speech and many more. Once the projects were completed, 4-H members had the opportunity to enter their project at the school 4-H Project Day. This year, over 500 projects were turned during the school 4-H Project Days. There was an outstanding turn out of projects. If the members won a blue ribbon they had the opportunity to participate in the County 4-H Project Day which was held in April at the Floyd County Extension Office, where the winners received a purple champion ribbon, a trophy and a $20 scholarship toward 4-H camp. If they were a county champion in most cases they had the opportunity to send their project to the Kentucky State Fair in August.

A breakdown of the Floyd County students’ performances at the Kentucky State Fair follows.

Allen Elementary School: Harleigh Evans, Photography, Red Ribbon; Katie Hamilton, Crafts Blue Ribbon; Isaac Bell, Art, Red Ribbon; Bretton Jervis, Electricity, Blue Ribbon/Class Champion; Bradley Jervis, Electricity, Blue Ribbon;

Shelby Ogden, Food, White Ribbon; Olivia Dixon, Food, White Ribbon; Olyvia Conn, Food, White Ribbon.

Allen Central Middle School: Andrew Martin, Horticulture, Red Ribbon; Josh Martin, Wood Science, Blue Ribbon; Libby Hughes, Wood Science, Red Ribbon; Rachel Gayheart, Crochet, Blue Ribbon.

Betsy Layne Elementary School: Kyle Sturgill, Photography, White Ribbon; Gracie Rogers, Photography, Blue Ribbon; Mayson Young, Photography, Red Ribbon and Art, Blue Ribbon; Maggie Bentley, Embroidery, Blue Ribbon.

Duff Elementary School: Lindsey Whitaker, Photography, Blue Ribbon; Katelyn Crase, Home Environment, Red Ribbon.

John M. Stumbo Elementary School: Cory Bentley, Wood Science, Red Ribbon; KayLee Evans, Food, Red Ribbon.

May Valley Elementary School: Chanda Caudill, Food, Blue Ribbon; Hailey Little, Food, Blue Ribbon; Kimberly Crum, Food, White Ribbon.

Prestonsburg Elementary School: Kassidy Blackburn, Photography, Blue and White Ribbon; Tiffany Risner, Art, White Ribbon; Brycen Shepherd, Wood Science, Blue Ribbon/Class Champion; Allison Parker, Sewing, Blue Ribbon.

Prestonsburg High School: Dakota Collins, Art, 2 Red Ribbons; Emily Williamson, Art, Blue Ribbon; Brooklyn Ball, Home Environment, Red Ribbon.

Wesley Christian School: Amy Adkins, Photography, Blue and Red Ribbon; Matt Tackett, Crochet, Blue Ribbon; Cooking, Blue Ribbon.

Staff Report

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