Conn hearing cancelled, restraining order stays

Conn was not present with his defense team in court on Thursday, June 4.

PRESTONSBURG — The most recent hearing in the Eric C. Conn case, in which Conn himself was originally compelled to appear on Wednesday, was cancelled by order of Judge Johnny Ray Harris—but he has also ordered the restraining order against Conn stay in place.

That restraining order requires keep Conn and his office not destroy any more records or transfer his assets elsewhere. Judge Harris ended the previous hearing on the morning of Thursday, June 4 by granting the restraining order and ordering that Conn to attend the next hearing.

Conn’s attorneys told reporters after the hearing that at the time, Conn was in the state of Kentucky.

Harris also granted Conn’s attorneys’ request that the order give leeway for Conn to continue doling out money for payroll and “normal business expenses,” but Harris stressed that absolutely no money was to leave the country.

The next hearing, slated for June 10, was to be a continuation of the case, with Conn’s counsel working to get the order lifted and Conn himself to take the stand. Instead, Harris cancelled the hearing; his order keeps the restraining order in effect, but gives both parties 10 days to file legal briefs for their case.

The original motion Pillersdorf and his co-counsel filed on June 2 cites affidavits filed by former Conn employees Jamie Lynn Slone and Melinda Lynn Martin Hicks, given in the previous Senate investigation of Conn’s practices. Those affidavits could not be directly entered as evidence, and instead, Pillersdorf went through them with Slone and Hicks as new testimony.

Among other things, the testimony alleged that Conn directed the destruction of numerous records, dealt in large amounts of cash, previously sent money overseas, and mentioned fleeing the country to avoid legal trouble.

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