Martin audit reveals progress

by Jackson Latta

Martin city council members reviewed the 2015 Audit

MARTIN – Things are looking up for the city of Martin after an audit of the city’s finances was reviewed and approved Tuesday night during a meeting of the city council.

The audit of the fiscal year ending in June of 2015 was presented to the city council during Tuesday’s meeting.

According to Auditor Richard Paulmann, the city of Martin has shown significant improvement over the last few years. “Your receivables are up, and your accounts payable is down,” said Paulmann. “You’re going to see considerable improvement over the last couple of years.”

While Paulmann noted that the city was improving its fiscal solvency, it also noted that there are still improvements to be made in the city’s internal controls. Paulmann did say that for a city of Martin’s size, with its limited staff, it would be difficult to put all the controls in place that he would recommend.

“Because of the size of the City of Martin and the small number of persons it employs, it is not possible, from a practical perspective, to achieve segregation of duties in many areas,” Paulmann wrote in the audit.

There were three matters of compliance issued in the audit that related to the use of road funds and the paying of bills in a timely manner. Paulmann also noted that due to a number of late payments, the city of Martin was besieged by penalties.

Overall the audit was seen as a sign of improvement by the council, and Mayor Sam Howell noted that the audit was a sign that Martin is moving in the right direction.

Also during Tuesday night’s city council meeting, council members discussed the creation of an emergency water tie-in that would be provided by Southern Water in exchange for letting them run some new water line through Martin to Allen. Sam Howell said that this tie-in would be something that the city of Martin could turn on to help provide water to St. Josephs hospital in the event that something happened to their primary water source in Prestonsburg.

Howell also gave an update on the mountain relocation project and stated that he had met with the Corp of Engineers and that the busted water line to the mountain would be fixed soon. He also noted that construction on the new city hall and police station would commence soon, and that he expected them to be moved into the new building by next summer.

“You can run into anything. You can have delays. But we’re hopeful,” said Howell of the construction of the new city hall.

Howell said construction of the new school on top of the mountain would likely commence once construction of the new Floyd County Central high school on Rt. 680 was completed, as both jobs are assigned to the same contractor.

Martin city council members reviewed the 2015 Audit city council members reviewed the 2015 Audit

by Jackson Latta

Reach Jackson Latta at (606) 886-8506

Reach Jackson Latta at (606) 886-8506

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