Prestonsburg Tourism search for new director continues

by Jackson Latta

PRESTONSBURG – Prestonsburg tourism commission will be moving ahead in their quest for their next director of Tourism.

A list of the applications already received was presented to the commission during Tuesday’s meeting at the Mountain Arts Center. City Clerk Sharon Setser, who was present at the meeting, said that the official advertising for the position would begin this week. Up until this point they had only posted the job on the cities Facebook page.

“We’re accepting applications, writing them down, and putting them in a file,” said Mayor Les Stapleton. No deadline had yet been established. The Tourism Director position is being advertised along with the Fire Chief, and Code Enforcement director.

Stapleton says that the tourism position will be advertised statewide, but says that the next director needs to either live in Prestonsburg, or be willing to move to Prestonsburg.

“I don’t know what your all’ criteria is going to be. What you probably need to do is establish a criteria before you start doing you r interviews.

“What my suggestion is they live either in the city, or close to the city. Accessible to the city on a consistent basis. Simply because, there is so much goes on at different times, they may be out at night early in the day, or whatever.

Stapleton says that whomever the commission chooses, they should focus there search on candidates with an eye toward ecological and adventure tourism. “Because I think that is our future right now. The water. The trails. I think that’s the way were gonna have to go for right now, because the beauty and terrain is never going to leave.”

The commission has received several applications so far for the Tourism Director position. So far no deadline has been set on when the position must be filled. For more information on the Tourism Director position, contact city hall at (606) 886-1989.

by Jackson Latta

Reach Jackson Latta at (606) 886-8506

Reach Jackson Latta at (606) 886-8506

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