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MOREHEAD – Morehead State University has implemented several improvements to its institutional scholarship program, increasing opportunities for in-state, out-of-state and transfer students.

MSU’s Non-Resident Merit Scholarship now operates on a three-tier system, providing more students, both first-time freshmen and transfers, opportunities to receive financial aid.

“Tuition for out-of-state students at MSU is now lower than ever before. First-time freshmen or transfer students from one of our reciprocity counties are receiving in-state tuition pricing and students who are not from our reciprocity counties are able to take advantage of a new discounted out-of-state tuition price,” said Tim Rhodes, interim assistant vice president for enrollment services. “This coupled with the Non-Resident Merit Scholarship provides further financial opportunity,” said Rhodes.

The improved organization of the Non-Resident Merit Scholarship provides three different ways for students to earn financial aid and is competitive in nature. Scholarships are awarded based on ACT composites, and high school and transfer school grade point averages.

A new three-tier system is also in place for the Reciprocity Merit Scholarship, which transfer students are now eligible to receive.

“We recognize the importance of our in- and out-of-state students and the value these students bring to MSU. I’m pleased with our new program and all that we are doing to help our students,” Rhodes said. “Students in several select neighboring counties in Ohio are already eligible for in-state tuition at MSU and Brown County, Ohio, was recently added to the list. The Reciprocity Merit Scholarship increases affordability to these students and helps set them up for success.”

There are a number of academic merit-based scholarships that in-state students can pursue including the Commonwealth, Kentucky Scholars and Dean’s Scholar awards, as well as the Governor’s Scholar and Governor’s School for the Arts awards. The Honors Scholarship is the most competitive for first-time in- and out-of-state freshmen and offers up to $72,000 over four years.

Rhodes says MSU will remain committed to ensuring access and affordability.

“The new scholarship program structure recognizes MSU’s commitment to Eastern Kentucky and in-state students but also reaches out to a new population of students. Our program is ultimately designed with access to affordability and, most importantly, with student success in mind. I’m proud of what we are doing here.”

MSU will distribute more than $21 million in institutional scholarship dollars this year. Most scholarship application deadlines are March 15, with the exception of the Honors Scholarship deadline, which is Dec. 1.

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Staff Report

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