Council extends attorney contract, eyes Suddenlink negotiations

by Jackson Latta - [email protected]

PRESTONSBURG – The Prestonsburg City Council approved a six-month contract for the city attorney during Monday’s meeting after it was revealed that she had been operating without a contract beginning in July of 2015.

Mayor Les Stapleton told the council during Monday’s meeting that he had failed to seek renewal of the contract with the cities attorney at the end of the 2014-15 fiscal year. The contract that the city had with current city attorney Jennifer Burke Elliott expired June 30, 2015.

“Its my fault. I missed it. I missed the date on it,” Stapleton told the council. “But what we probably need to do is if we approve this one, we probably need to approve it to June 30 of this year, or go eighteen month to June 30 of next year. But that’s up to you guys.”

Stapleton then asked if there would be any discussion.

“On the contract?” asked councilman Harry Adams. “I’d like to see it.”

Stapleton said that he did not have a copy to present to council, however, Elliott told the council that the contract was the same as it had been previously, but would have different dates. Stapleton told council members that he could present them with copies on Tuesday.

Council members Adams and B.D. Nunnery appeared somewhat nonplussed, having regularly disputed attorney’s contracts and the manner in which they were presented during the previous administration.

As the contract was not present, Nunnery suggested approving the contract only through June of this year. A motion was made and seconded, and the vote passed unanimously.

Also during the meeting, the mayor addressed the speed humps. He stated that a number of citizens have been calling in about speed humps, and the sections that have been carved out of the middle. Stapleton stated that those holes cut through the humps were designed to allow bicycles to pass.

Stapleton and the council also discuss the current contract with cable provider Suddenlink. Stapleton says that citizens have been reporting to him rate increases, and that he plans to meet with Suddenlink officials and begin negotiating their future contract.

“What I need from you guys and the general public,” said Stapleton. “Is, if you guys are having any problems or deficiencies with your service, you need to tell us.”

Stapleton said that anyone in the community who has experienced any service issues should contact him, and provide the city with descriptions of the problem and account information so that he can begin negotiating the Suddenlink contract now.

Stapleton said that the contract that Suddenlink has with the city expires in March of 2017.

by Jackson Latta

[email protected]

Follow on Twitter @JacksonLatta

Follow on Twitter @JacksonLatta

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