Senate seeks return of CCW permit reciprocity

by Jackson Latta - [email protected]

FRANKFORT – A joint resolution of the Kentucky Senate was passed on Wednesday in an effort to seek carry and conceal reciprocity with a neighboring state.

Senate Joint Resolution 36 was passed to help restore reciprocal balance between Kentucky and Virginia with regard to the recognition of concealed carry weapons licenses from Kentucky.

According to the resolution, the Commonwealth of Virginia recently decided to cease recognition of the concealed deadly weapon licenses from Kentucky and 24 additional states. A JOINT RESOLUTION urging the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia Attorney General to restore reciprocal recognition of concealed carry weapons licenses from Kentucky.

In the resolution Senators cite the lack of evidence that suspending the concealed weapons reciprocity agreement between Kentucky and Virginia would reduce crime or increase public safety in any manner. Additionally it was stated that no particular concealed carry weapons violations involving Kentucky residents that preceded the decision to end recognition of Kentucky’s licenses.

Following a third reading, the resolution was adopted following a 37-1 vote. Authors hope the resolution will return the status of the reciprocal agreement between the two states.

by Jackson Latta

[email protected]

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Follow on Twitter @JacksonLatta

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