BLHS Science Olympiad Team wins fifth regional title

Staff Report

The Betsy Layne High School Olympiad Team is pictured.

BETSY LAYNE _ Floyd County Superintendent Dr. Henry Webb had extended his congratulations to Betsy Layne High School’s Science Olympiads and Coach Cortney Flannery for their fifth consecutive regional title.

The team competed in 23 events that ranged from biological sciences, chemistry and forensics to engineering practices. Betsy Layne High School students placed 1st in ten events, 2nd in four events, and third in two events. The Science Olympiads will travel to Bowling Green on April 23 and compete at state competition held at Western Kentucky University.

“We’re very proud of this team and Coach Flannery,” said Dr. Webb. “They have established a tradition of winning the region and we look forward to seeing them excel at state competition as well. The BLHS Science Olympiad team is a great example of one of our outstanding programs for kids in Floyd County Schools.”

All students that competed placed first in at least one of their event categories. Team results were as follows: Air Trajectory: 1st – Tyler Berrigan and Kade Meade; Anatomy: 1st – LaKeisha Crum and Ashley Allen; Dynamic Planet: 1st – Rachel Williams and Sierra Conn; Electric Vehicle: 1st – Alex Meade and Zach Akers; Experimental Design: 1st- Zach Justice, Dominique Mims, and Ashley Allen; Forensics: 1st – LaKeisha Crum and Zach Justice; Green Generation: 1st – Dawson Lewis and Alex Meade; Hydrogeology: 1st – Rachel Williams and Sierra Conn; Invasive Species: 1st – LaKeisha Crum and Cora Boyd; Write It, Do It: 1st – Cora Boyd and Deanna Kidd; Bridge Building: 2nd – Zach Justice and Tyler Berrigan; GeoLogic Mapping: 2nd – Deanna Kidd & Tyler Berrigan; It’s About Time: 2nd – Deanna Kidd and Alex Meade; Protein Modeling: 2nd – Cora Boyd, Dominique Mims, and Zach Akers; Cell Biology: 3rd- Deanna Kidd and LaKeisha Crum; Game On: 3rd – Zach Justice and Dominique Mims.

The Betsy Layne High School Olympiad Team is pictured. Betsy Layne High School Olympiad Team is pictured.

Staff Report

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