Twins win: Sisters find Times’ egg

Staff Report

PRESTONSBURG – Twin sisters Sherry Hall and Shelly Moore won The Floyd County Times’ 2016 Great Easter Egg Hunt, finding the lucky egg in Betsy Layne late Thursday morning.

The sisters, who have participated in numerous past Great Easter Egg Hunts, located the egg along Route 23, between Betsy Layne High School and Betsy Layne Fire Department.

The sisters claimed the $500 prize for finding the egg.

Sponsors for the 2016 edition of The Floyd County Times’ Great Easter Egg Hunt were Riverview Health Care Center, Parkview Pharmacy, Prestonsburg Health Care, Community Trust Bank and Howard Family Pharmacy.

A breakdown of what the clues for this year’s Great Easter Egg Hunt mean follows.

Egg Clue 1: You’ll find me in a place founded in 1800, bordering a neighbor much younger.

Clue 1 meaning: The egg was located in Floyd County, which was founded before neighboring Pike County.

Egg Clue 2: Under the light of the sun and the glow of the moon, hopefully you’ll find me soon.

Clue 2 meaning: The egg was hidden outside.

Egg Clue 3: To be at the top of this egg hunt’s class, find me situated in the grass.

Clue 3 meaning: There was some grass underneath the egg.

Egg Clue 4: If you’re searching in the county seat, you’re looking north of me.

Clue 4 meaning: The egg was hidden north of Prestonsburg, the county’s seat.

Egg Clue 5: Remember when you roam, I’m not located on the road where many country music stars call home.

Clue 5 meaning: The egg was hidden off of the road dubbed the Country Music Highway.

Egg Clue 6: Don’t say I have it made; it’s still winter and gets cold here in the shade.

Clue 6 meaning: The egg was in the shade, situated between rocks.

Egg Clue 7: You can mark it down, I reside in a former coal town.

Clue 7 meaning: Betsy Layne, the egg’s home, is a former coal town.

Egg Clue 8: When you look, don’t look high. Most of the time, I manage to stay dry.

Clue 8 meaning: The egg was covered but part of it was still visible.

Egg Clue 9: A visit from local firefighters is a short trip, near a reminder of a championship.

Clue 9 meaning: The egg was located near both the Betsy Layne Fire Department and and the Betsy Layne All “A” Classic state championship team sign.

Egg Clue 10: While you look and as you roam, if you’re heading south, I’m before the Dome.

Clue 10 meaning: The egg was located before the turnoff to Betsy Layne Elementary and the Dome.

Egg Clue 11: If I’m rooting for the nearest team, the Bobcats is who it’ll be.

Clue 11 meaning: The egg called Betsy Layne home.

Egg Clue 12: Between BLHS and BLFD tucked away between rocks is where you’ll find me.

Clue 12 meaning: The final clue led egg hunters to a small space where the egg was hidden.

Staff Report

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