‘Commonwealth Curiosities’ to air Sunday on KET2

MOREHEAD – “Commonwealth Curiosities: An Ode to Kentucky’s Unique Attractions,” a documentary by Steven Middleton, Morehead State University instructor of mass communications, will air Sunday, June 28, at 10 p.m. on KET2.

The documentary, which focuses on the old American roadside attractions and curiosities here in Kentucky, will be profiled along with Middleton’s work with film here in Kentucky.

Commonwealth Curiosities brings to you a glimpse of Kentucky’s unique roadside attractions and the characters that are behind each distinctive place.

The film profiles The Northeast Kentucky Museum, The Kentucky Reptile Museum, Wild Things of Kentucky, The Great American Dollhouse Museum, Akeomon’s Barbershop, Vent Haven Ventriloquist Dummy Museum, Dinosaur World, Hillbilly Gardens and Toyland, the Wooldridge Monuments, and a special interview with Kentucky filmmaker, author, and musician J.D. Wilkes.

The documentary shot during the summer of 2014 was funded via the online crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The film was produced along with MSU’s Convergent Media students John Tanner Blevins, Patrick Brumback, and faculty member John Flavell.

Additional information is available by contacting Middleton at 606-783-9583.

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