Local woman is changing lives with Zumba

By Andrea Saddler - [email protected]

Courtesy photo | Tara Hatcher Individuals after a Zumba Class at Shake Senora.

Zumba is a fitness sensation that has changed the lives of millions with its intoxicating music and easy to learn dance moves. One local Floyd County Woman tributes the exercise sensation for changing her life in such a drastic way, she has become one of the Eastern Kentucky’s most talked about fitness instructors.

Tara Hatcher owner of Shake Senora started on her fitness journey the same as most everyone, overweight and unhealthy.

“I gained about 50 pounds when I was in college. After graduation, I moved back to Pikeville and was struggling with my health. My doctor told me I was going to die young if I didn’t lose weight. My blood pressure was high, I suffered from anxiety and struggled to do everyday task. I went to Zumba class and convinced my mother whom was obese at the time to join me. I hated it and she loved it. I kept going back for her,” said Hatcher.

The ladies in her Zumba class say Tara’s genuine care for their success and knowing she has been where many of them are, help them believe they can also succeed. Tara has now lost a total of 60 pounds with Zumba and her mother Bobbi Campbell has lost a total of 140 pounds. The mother, daughter duo fell in love with the exercise so much they decided to take things a step further and become Zumba instructors.

The duo who had once struggled with weight had become a role model for many women in their local community. When the pair suffered the devastating loss of Bobbi’s younger brother at the age of 36 whom was also morbidly obese, they decided to share their new found passion with others. The two ladies wanted to expand the concept of “fun fitness” and Shake Senora was born.

Shake Senora Fitness, LLC offers classes seven days a week for every fitness level. Every Sunday individuals from the class meet to run or walk. Rain, shine or snow they meet and everyone is welcome. Families, kids, even pets come to run and get in shape.

In addition to the classes offered at Shake Senora, one of the elements Tara is proudest of is the Bootcamp offered to select individuals. Hatcher partnered with Shelebra Bartley, PA and owner of Bartley Medical Weight Loss to develop an exercise and eating program that is guaranteed to produce results if followed.

Bartley creates all the meal plans for Bootcamp participants and teaches about a lifestyle change, not a diet. She also medically supervises all the Bootcamp participants.

Individuals looking to make a real change in their life must apply to participate and only a small number is chosen for the experience. Bootcamp participants pay $7 a week to participate and the winner at the end of camp wins $400 and the runner ups receive $200. Weekly prizes and incentives are also given at random during the week.

Bootcamp last for 12 weeks and is an intense experience for everyone involved.

Participants can expect to lose approximately 50 pounds by the end of the twelve-week experience.

Currently four local restaurants offer Bootcamp approve menu items: Dairy Cheer, El Mexicana, Giovanni’s and Bob’s Mountain BBQ.

The diet although it gets results is not too hard to follow.

“We had a ten-year-old graduate from boot camp losing a total of 53 pounds. She has maintained her weight for over a year now,” said Hatcher.

If you would like more information about Shake Senora and Bootcamp contact Tara Hatcher at 606-477-8272 (TARA) or you can find them on Facebook at Health and Fitness Bootcamp.

Courtesy photo | Tara Hatcher Individuals after a Zumba Class at Shake Senora.
http://floydcountytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/web1_Fitness.jpgCourtesy photo | Tara Hatcher Individuals after a Zumba Class at Shake Senora.

By Andrea Saddler

[email protected]

Andrea Saddler is a reporter for the Floyd County Times. She can be reached at 606-886-8506.

Andrea Saddler is a reporter for the Floyd County Times. She can be reached at 606-886-8506.


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