Saint Joseph Martin: Routine health screenings beneficial to men’s health

MARTIN — Compared to women, men are 24 percent less likely to have visited their primary care provider within the past year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. June was Men’s Health Month and Saint Joseph Martin, part of KentuckyOne Health, continues working to educate the community about important preventive health screenings for men at all ages.

Regular visits to your health care provider are important to screen for medical issues, reduce risk of complications and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It is very important for men to stay current on recommended preventive screenings,” said John Triplett, DO, “Many health concerns, such as high cholesterol, often don’t result in symptoms that you can feel, but their long term effects can be detrimental to your health. Routine wellness visits help you identify and treat concerns early, develop a strong relationship with your health care provider and ultimately lead to a healthier you.”

In Your 20s: Even as young as age 20, routine physical examinations, including blood tests and urinalysis, are recommended. Men age 20 to 39 should have a physical examination every three years; men age 40 to 49 should have a physical examination every two years; and men age 50 and older should have a physical examination performed every year.

Men should have a routine blood pressure check every two years. Over time, high blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause permanent damage to your organs. The only way to diagnose high blood pressure is through routine checks.

Age 30 and Up: Beginning around age 30, men should begin cholesterol screenings every five years. For individuals with high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems or certain other conditions, more frequent screenings will likely be necessary.

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