Highlands supports local children’s program

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PAINTSVILLE – For the past three years, Highlands Health System has sponsored the Lap to Lean program for the Paintsville swim team. The program helps over 100 kids each summer learn the importance of physical fitness and nutrition while getting time in the pool.

Highlands has provided healthy snacks and portion plates so the children who are participating in the program understand what types of food they should be eating and what their portion sizes should look like. It has also sent registered dieticians to speak with the kids about proper nutrition choice.

Providing children with information about the importance of a healthy diet and active exercise routine is essential at a young age. Eating foods with the right nutrients aid in proper growth and development in children, while exercising boosts muscle growth. Together, both of these positive habits cut down on the risk of childhood obesity, which is a growing epidemic.

Up to one in five children in the United States are overweight or obese, which can often lead to developing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart disease. By educating kids early, we can cut down on such percentages, making a healthier youth and society overall.

“Educating kids early about healthy diet and exercise will help them know what’s right in the future, and hopefully prevent them from developing chronic diseases later on,” said Highlands President and CEO Bud Warman.


Staff Report


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