Defense seeks to keep Conn assets frozen in wrongful death suit

PRESTONSBURG – Eric. C. Conn was the subject of more court proceedings Monday morning in Floyd Circuit Court, but Conn was not in attendance while his lawyers argued against a wrongful death suit filed against the Stanville attorney by Ned Pillersdorf last week.

Pillersdorf is representing Emma Burchett, whose husband killed himself after learning that his disability benefits had been suspended following an investigation into Conn by the Social Security Administration.

Burchett’s lawsuit now brings the count of wrongful death suits brought against Conn to two, with another class action filed, as well. The suits have all been filed by Pillersdorf.

Monday the same attorneys represented Conn who sat with him during hearings two weeks ago. Those hearings saw Conn’s assets partially unfrozen. Now, Pillersdorf is again seeking to have those same assets remain frozen as part of Burchett’s case.

Pillersdorf brought to light during the hearing Monday that Conn had put his home up for sale, a fact that Conn’s team has verified, saying, however, that it was placed up for sale well before any of the recent lawsuits filed by Pillersdorf. The home is listed currently with a $1.9 million price tag.

Pillersdorf spoke to news outlets Monday after the hearing, saying the concern was that “at the end of this court proceeding, there may not be any assets available.”

Conn’s lawyers are arguing that the wrongful suit should be dismissed.

No decision was made Monday in court on either if the suit will continue or any motion pertaining to Conn’s assets. The judge gave Pillersdorf a week to provide him with more information, at which time he will set the next court date.

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