Legislators applaud Ky. Supreme Court decision to review university budget cuts

Staff Report

FRANKFORT – Three lawmakers who are suing Governor Matt Bevin to block cuts to higher education today expressed relief that the Kentucky Supreme Court granted emergency review of the case. The lawmakers – Rep Jim Wayne, Mary Lou Marzian and Darryl Owens, all of Louisville – have joined with Attorney General Andy Beshear to contend that the Governor violated the Kentucky Constitution by reducing education funding that was approved by the General Assembly in the state budget.

“Our Constitution assigns us the duty to use tax dollars where they are most needed,” Rep. Wayne said. “The stroke of one man’s pen can’t change this. I am pleased that the Court is taking this case up.”

Rep. Owens agreed.

“We hold hearings for citizens to speak out on the wise use of tax dollars,” Owens said. “The Governor owes respect to the budget process.”

“As representatives, we are closer to the people we serve than any other state official,” Rep. Marzian added. “The people’s voice is heard in the budget, and I am proud to defend it. We look forward to presenting our case to the Supreme Court.”

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ordered oral arguments on the case for August 18.

Staff Report

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