Pillersdorf files for class action certification

PRESTONSBURG – Attorney Ned Pillersdorf filed a motion this week seeking class action certification for the 1,500 people who saw their disability benefits temporarily suspended in May. The motion names Cheryl Martin and Robert Q. Martin, who are of no relation, as proposed class representatives.

The notifications sent out in May has now led to these individuals being reevaluated for their disability benefits as part of an investigation into the alleged misconduct of Stanville attorney Eric C. Conn, who represented the 1,500.

Pillersdorf has said that no one counted among the 1,500 people have to be a member of the class action if they chose otherwise.

“Anyone is free to seek other counsel, represent themselves, or opt out of the litigation,” Pillersdorf said.

In his motion, Pillersdorf maintained that they letters received from all 1,500 former clients were “near identical suspension notices naming Eric C. Conn as a cause for the suspension of their benefits.”

Cheryl Martin and Robert Q. Martin, aside from both being former clients of Conn’s who received a notice from the Social Security Administration, are also both battling cancer, Pillersdorf said.

Martin, after a hearing held late last month, stood outside the courtroom in Prestonsburg and said he was unsure what direction everything was going to take.

“I’m dying of colon cancer,” Martin said at the time. “And I’m just caught in the middle of all this. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my life.”

The motion is scheduled to be heard on July 17 at 9 a.m. Pillersdorf has said that it is not a requirement to attend the hearing in order to be a member in the class action.

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