Social workers, corrections officers get much-deserved pay raises

Staff Report

FRANKFORT — In an effort to retain and recruit social workers, and to fulfill Gov. Matt Bevin’s pledge to increase the pay of our front line workers, social workers and family support employees across the Commonwealth of Kentucky will see an increase in their pay effective September 16, 2016.

In his State of the Commonwealth address, Gov. Bevin pledged “…$4.8 million dollars over the next biennium to increase entry level and new hire salaries for people who are taking care of our most vulnerable citizens.” That includes $3.3 million dollars for Social Workers and Family Support Employees, and $384,900 for CHFS Correctional Workers

“This will positively affect 3,765 social workers and Family Support in this state” said Governor Matt Bevin.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) Sec. Vickie Yates Brown Glisson announced the cabinet will be implementing grade changes and Special Entrance Rates (SER) for a number of positions in Social Service and Family Support.

“It is the cabinet’s hope that these changes will not only impact the recruitment of qualified candidates into social service and family support ranks, but also create better defined career paths for current long term staff.” said Sec. Glisson.

In addition to adjustments for new hires, current employees in these job titles will benefit from this action. All employees will be brought to the new minimums.

Employees in classifications with the SER change will also receive the difference between the old and new minimums.

Also, beginning Aug. 16, 2016, new corrections officers hired at Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center and Central State Hospital will receive a 13 percent increase over the previous entry salary.

In addition to adjustments for new hires, current employees in these job titles will also benefit from this action. Employees who make less than the new SER will have their salary raised to meet it.

For a list of the new salary levels for social workers and correction officers, contact the CHFS communications office.

Staff Report

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