MSU student starts Young Dems chapter

PRESTONSBURG – Last spring, a group of student activists, led by Morehead State University history major and David resident, Patrick Davis, established an official chapter of the Young Democrats Association in Floyd County. The organization, known as FCYD or, Floyd County Young Democrats, was established with the goal of promoting Democratic values and supporting Democratic campaigns in the Eastern Kentucky region.

The FCYD is only the latest of many such chapters established in counties all over the state. Last May, representatives from the Floyd county young Democrats attended the Kentucky Young Democrats convention in Georgetown, along with representatives from the Pike County Young Democrats, and Johnson County Young Democrats. The groups discussed possible cooperation in the future, especially during the upcoming 2016 presidential campaign.

When asked about the FCYD’s future goals, Davis said, “The real goal right now is to organize the upcoming election effort in Floyd County. Right now Floyd County is a blue county that votes red in national elections. Our goal really needs to be to bring the right leaning democrats back into the fold.”

Last month, the Supreme Court began its most recent session by issuing two historical rulings in support of the Affordable Healthcare Act and the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. With the recent victories of these two important, and controversial, Democratic policies still on the public conscious, Davis sees now as an excellent time to get people talking about Democratic politics and the possible benefits they could bring to the Appalachian region.

When asked to comment on the recent upholding of Democratic legislation in the Supreme Court, Davis had this to say, “I know that there are good friends of mine out there who have looked at the last two Supreme Court rulings with horror. But as for me I am happy to be part of a nation that stands with love, and ensured that our people have access to healthcare.”

The FCYD currently has twenty three members from across the county. Upon being asked what the organization’s long term goals and broad purpose would be Davis responded saying “The broad mission of the organization is to educate people on the social benefits of Democratic legislation, we need to focus on training a new generation of leaders to bring Appalachia into the twenty first century.”

Davis added that future meetings of the FCYD are to be announced soon, and that anyone who would like to join the Floyd County Young Democrats could reach him at his email address,

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