Community gathers for Overdose Awareness Day

By Andrea Saddler - [email protected]

PRESTONSBURG – In an effort to kick off September as Addiction Awareness Month, individuals in Floyd County gathered in Prestonsburg on Wednesday to celebrate Overdose Awareness Day and remember those who have lost their lives to a drug overdose. Family, friends, doctors, lawyers and judges came together as a community to validate those lives lost and plan for a brighter future.

“Today’s tree planting is a symbolic action and dedication of Floyd County Drug Court and this community to make an effort to offer better opportunities for addiction evaluation treatment and of course prevention, also to offer folks alternatives that will hopefully save lives,” said Dr. William Fannin, Medical Director of Floyd County Drug Court.

Addiction is a disease that has taken hold of many individuals in Floyd County. Individuals met on Wednesday to remember the loved ones lost and to look ahead to the future. In a census conducted in 2015, Floyd County ranked number one in the state for overdose deaths.

Neighboring Pike County was a close second.

“I have struggled with addiction for many years. I was embarrassed of the life I was leading,” said Brittany Looney, a recovering addict. “It was only when I was ready to make a real change and admit I was an addict and met the right people who believed in me was I able to be strong and conquer my addiction. Every day is a new day and I work daily to maintain my sobriety. The negative stigma of addiction is exactly why many of my friends remain addicts today. They do not want to admit to their family the secret life they had been living,” said Brittany Looney, recovering addict.

The third annual Recovery Celebration is scheduled for September 17 at 7 p.m. at Archer Park in Prestonsburg.

By Andrea Saddler

[email protected]

Andrea Saddler is a reporter for The Floyd County Times. She can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

Andrea Saddler is a reporter for The Floyd County Times. She can be reached at (606) 886-8506.


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