Floyd County Schools: District meets goal of reaching Top 10

Staff Report

PRESTONSBURG – Floyd County Schools Superintendent Dr. Henry Webb was excited to announce recent state assessment results for Floyd County Schools.

Webb expressed excitement about the district’s performance and growth.

“We are thrilled Floyd County Schools continues to be a Distinguished District and the only district in the Commonwealth to be classified as a District of Distinction for three consecutive years,” Webb commented. “We’re ecstatic to announce that Floyd County Schools has met our goal of being in the Top 10 in the state as our district ranks number six out of 173 public districts in Kentucky!”

Webb highlighted the positive overall district performance. Floyd County Schools has 18 schools categorized as Proficient or better. Every high school is Proficient or higher and every middle and elementary school is Distinguished.

As for specific schools, Webb commented, “One of the most positive findings from this year’s state assessment is having five elementary schools in the state’s Top 20; having the number one middle school in the state for the second consecutive year, and having three of the Top 20 middle schools. Our district is the highest performing school system in the region.”

Webb continued, “We have twelve Schools of Distinction; Adams Middle, Allen Central Middle, Allen Elementary (K-5), Allen Elementary (6-8), Betsy Layne Elementary (K-5), Betsy Layne Elementary (6-8), James A. Duff Elementary, John M. Stumbo Elementary (K-5), May Valley Elementary, Prestonsburg Elementary, South Floyd (6-8), and W.D. Osborne Elementary. We have three others who are Distinguished: Betsy Layne High, John M. Stumbo Elementary (6-8) and McDowell Elementary. We have three Proficient schools; Allen Central High, Prestonsburg High and South Floyd (9-12).”

“For the first time, no Floyd County school is in the Needs Improvement category,” Webb confided. “This is significant because it shows all Floyd County kids are receiving a quality education. Also, we believe our average ACT score of 18.6 to be the highest ever for the district.”

Webb continued with specific placement by schools in the Top 20.

“We have the following elementary schools in the Top 20 in the state: Betsy Layne Elementary, number three; May Valley Elementary, number five; Allen Elementary, number nine; Duff, number 15; and John M. Stumbo, number 16,” Webb added. “At the middle level, we have John M. Stumbo, number one; Betsy Layne Elementary, number five and Allen Central Middle School, number 17,”Webb confided. “Additionally, John M. Stumbo Middle has been number one in the state for two consecutive years, May Valley has been in the top 10 in the state for 12consecutive years, and Allen Elementary has been in the top ten in the state for two consecutive years.”

On October 3, at 6:30 p.m., at Prestonsburg High School, there will be a special called Floyd County Board of Education meeting that will celebrate the district’s students, staff and community.

“We want to celebrate our KIDS and our TEAM with everyone because we know that our parents and communities are part of this success,” Webb said.

Webb concluded his remarks by saying, “While we’re more than thrilled with this amazing achievement, we’re already beginning discussions about new goals. But what we won’t change is continuing to raise expectations because until we have every child in every classroom mastering every concept and being college and career ready, then there’s work to do. That’s what we mean when we say “Every Child Every Day.”

Staff Report

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