For the Record

Charges filed

Dustin Burchett, 30, assault – fourth degree.

Allison Fletcher, 34, probation violation, pfo.

Porty Blevins, 45, DUI – operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Alisna Wigington, 31, assault – fourth degree.

Warren Chapman, 24, assault- fourth degree, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct- second degree, resisting arrest.

Peyton Brown, 19, assault-fourth degree (minor injury), disorderly conduct – second degree, resisting arrest.


Courtney Anderson, 24, of Prestonsburg to Edward Cole, 26, of Prestonsburg.

Ross Shurtleff, 25, of Prestonsburg to Kierston Woods, 22, of Prestonsburg.

Sabrina Wireman, 23, of Gunlock to Austin Reahard, 21 of Prestonsburg.

Travis Holliday, 45, of Gunlock to Lisa Wilks, 44 of Prestonsburg.

Jaclyn Brown, 32, of Prestonsburg to Laura Hughes, 26, of Prestonsburg.

Mary Rose, 71 of Lafollette, Tenn. to Roy LuAllen, 72, of Lafollette, Tenn.

Brandi Nelson, 36, of Prestonsburg to George Tackett, 40, of Prestonsburg.

Callie Tackett, 30, of Ivel to Danny Napier, 25, of Ivel.

Raymond Jones, 26, of Melvin to Sandra York, 25, of McDowell

Alison Simon, 19, of Wheelwright to Tyler Brown, 26, Wheelwright.

Keith Osborne, 41, of Harold to Alena Hamilton, 38, of Harold.

Edward Derossett, 49, of Blue River to Christina McIntyre, 37, of Blue River.

Aaron Jones, 31, of Wayland to Kathrine Mullins, 21, of Wayland.

Donald, Bentley, 33, of Blue River to Leanna Ratliff, 26, of Blue River.

Samantha Moore, 30, of Langley to Justin Osborne, 30, of Langley.

Russell Young, 37, of Prestonsburg to Stephanie Star, 38, of Prestonsburg.

Rachel Justice, 34, of Prestonsburg to Travis 33, of Martin.

Daniel Hall, 49, of Banner to Wardrop, 35, of Banner

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