Inmates face new charges after drug search

By Sheldon Compton -

PRESTONSBURG – More charges of promoting contraband have come out of the Floyd County Detention Center, this time leading to new charges against two individuals, including assault charges.

Freddie Hunter, 31, of Wayland, an inmate at the jail, and Shatasha Gilliam, 35, are now facing a combined eight new charges after deputy jailers, suspecting Gilliam of hiding drugs on her, questioned her. During questioning, deputy jailers said Hunter, her boyfriend, became “irate.”

According to charges filed against Hunter, deputy jailers Parker DeRossett and Eulana Hall were working with Gilliam when Hunter “become very irate for questioning his girlfriend and accusing her of bringing drugs into the jail.”

“I ordered inmate Hunter to sit down and he did for a few seconds as I was questioning inmate Gilliam,” DeRossett wrote in his report. “Inmate Hunter got up and came at me.”

At this point, DeRossett said he felt threatened and proceeded to use pepper spray on Hunter. After he sprayed Hunter, the deputy jailer said the inmate ran down a nearby hallway to get away, at which point Hall grabbed him long enough for both her and DeRossett to bring him to the ground.

Once down, deputy jailers said Hunter continued to fight and scream so he was Tasered and stopped resisting.

Hunter was charged with resisting arrest, third-degree assault, terroristic threatening, and menacing.

In the meantime, Gilliam was searched and jail officials said they found she had hidden a small pill bottle containing marijuana on her person and, later, offered more drugs she had allegedly stashed including a container holding five bindles of what appeared to be methamphetamine.

Gilliam now faces new charges of promoting contraband, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and prescription not in proper container.

By Sheldon Compton

Sheldon Compton is a staff writer at The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

Sheldon Compton is a staff writer at The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

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