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This is a continuation of my last letter to The Floyd County Times, asking, “Where have all the hypocrites gone?”

First, I want toto congratulate our justice system here in Floyd County for the swift and severe punishment of John K Blackburn’s son and Magistrate Hattie Owens’ son. I was so afraid they would not receive a fair and just punishment for their misdeeds that endangered so many lives. Look in the mirror, you prosecutors and judges, and give yourselves a pay on the back for making our county a much safer place to live. Your actions fit perfectly into the theme of this letter, you hypocrites, one and all.

Now, I have to say something about another hypocrite by the name of Donald Kaul. I thought his foolishness was ended with his illness, but he said, “I’m back,” with an article that would gag a dog off a gut wagon. Editor, how could you even print such a thing as he put forth, about dragging patriotic Americans behind pickup trucks? Oh, wait! It just proves he’s a hypocrite, because he doesn’t believe in “killing” anyone, even murderers, rapists, child molestors, etc. Yet, when it comes to patriotic Americans, he would like to pry their cold, dead fingers off their guns.

Come on down, Donald, and try to “deaden” my fingers, you hypocrite. How would you do that, since you don’t believe in being armed? What would you do, poison my lemonade? Come on down, Kaul, and let’s see if you mean what you say. I would be good for you to meet a real man.

I don’t hate you, Donald Kaul. I just feel sorry for you and others like you. Your lack of understanding of our America is tearing our nation down, or at least you are trying. Wake up, you hypocrites!

Over the last 60 years or so, if criminals in our nation had faced swift and severe punishment for their atrocities, we wouldn’t be seeing all these things happening today. The preacher said in Ecclesiastes 8:11, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of men is in them to do evil.” Think about it!

I think I’ve said this before: Our father told us boys when we were teenagers that the good people would be living behind bars over their windows and doors, if America didn’t make evildoers afraid to put our lives in danger. Well! Our lives are in danger, every hour of the day and night. Thank you, you lily-livered hypocrites! You liberal, socialist fools, are we not living this way right now? Hypocrites! Hypocrites! Hypocrites! Are not liberals hypocrites to the Nth degree?

As bad as I despise people like Pelosi, who said, “We’ll vote for it and then we’ll read it,” about Obamacare, that other little weasel, Harry Reid, whom many of his fellow Democrats say he was a good person to work with until he stepped into this position of authority and then turned into a snapping chihuahua. He, along with others, such as Shumer and Rangell, are determined to destroy America as we know it.

Many of the laws that you and your associates have already passed, such as abortion (which is the killing of the innocents) and gay rights (which is the epitome of sin and perversion), have made great inroads into the destruction of America. The unchangeable word of God (The Bible) teaches this truth from Genesis to the end of the book of Revelation. Repent, you hypocrites (inspired by Satan), before it’s everlasting too late.

One more observation, not necessarily related to the contents of this letter — why, after so many mining jobs have been destroyed, especially in Appalachia, have not a corresponding number of federal and state inspectors been laid off, with our coal miners? Surely, with the loss of so many mining jobs, there cannot be a real need for their services. Just another example of the hypocrisy of Obama and Gov. Beshear!

Thank you, editor. In my next tirade, I will return more fully to the hypocrisy in our society.

Bill Tussey


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