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H.P. Lovecraft meets the apocalypse in this French horror flick that sees the return of a comet causing mutations and violence in Paris.

The story opens with a young boy, Chris, waking up to his parents fighting. Their argument escalates into a brutal act of violence that the child witnesses as a comet streaks overhead. Cut to 10 years later and Paris is all agog over the return flight of that heavenly body. Parties are happening all over town, though some see it as a bad omen and are planning to stay home. The latter people are the smart ones, but this is a horror movie, so we will be spending the next hour or so with the party people.

Chris has grown into one of those who plans to stay home. The traumatic event we witnessed in the opening has left him a social misfit who does his IT job from the safe confines of his apartment. Luckily, he surrounds himself with cool memorabilia, like the French poster for John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York.”

His sexy neighbor, Claire, chooses this day to throw out her cheating boyfriend. She also makes a play for Chris and invites him out to a comet party in their building. Chris is floored by the invite and manages to get over his social phobia enough to accept the offer. Big mistake.

The party actually starts out well. Chris is met by a young lady who looks after him and helps him escape to the nearest bathroom when a drink mixes poorly with his anti-anxiety medication. Unfortunately, the girl’s face starts to melt and things at the party have totally gone downhill. Some people appear to be growing tentacles out of their fingers and others are starting to sprout them from parts that don’t bear mentioning here. Suffice to say, the life just went out of this party.

Chris narrowly escapes but gets jumped by gangbangers who beat him unconscious. When he comes to, he is surrounded by the gory remains of the gang members but has no memory as to what happened.

Luckily, there is a guy in his building who is fighting back. This rugged dude hails from Canada and he isn’t going to let a bunch of mutating Parisians get him down, eh. He is armed like Snake Plisken and ready to fight back.

The pair make their way out of the building and fight their way through gangs of mutating French folk. Chris gets over his social awkwardness while discovering he can swing a Louisville Slugger almost as well as the Babe. Unfortunately, Paris appears to be in flames and an overwhelmed military is in full retreat. When he finally hooks up with Claire, will she be normal? Will he?

This is an absolute corker of a debut for writer/director David Choleva. He is obviously a film lover and delivers the goods for genre fans. He manages to make this an action movie as well as a horror/sci-fi hybrid. The special effects probably got 90 percent of the budget and it is spent well. The whole thing only lasts about 75 minutes and will leave you wanting more. A fantastic debut and I sure hope this guy keeps cranking them out, because this one manages to check off all of the boxes for what you want in a fun flick and it is never boring. Worth a look whether you watch it dubbed or sub-titled.

2012, unrated.

Best Lines

“You may protect us from the Martians, but you scare the customers.”

“No more Mr. Nice Guy, like Justin Bieber.”

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