Religious Freedom: Matt Bevin

When the national spotlight was on Rowan County, Matt Bevin was the only one to offer a solution. He recommended a pragmatic path to preserve the rights of all. That is what good governance should do. When the Supreme Court redefined marriage, Matt Bevin stood up for our religious freedoms and defended Kim Davis. Jack Conway hid his head in the sand and failed to do his job. The majority of Kentuckians support the traditional definition of marriage. Why shouldn’t there be a solution so that public servants like Kim Davis can do their jobs without violating their religious freedoms? Mr. Bevin believes that no one person’s rights should trump another person’s rights. Ultimately, he believes that the government should get out of the business of marriage entirely. In the meantime, however, he proposed that KY could make marriage licenses, or a marriage contract template, available as we do other standard legal forms. Forms can be available for pick up, or downloadable as you might download a power of attorney form. The form would then be presented to those with the authority to approve or solemnize a marriage contract. That duly-executed marriage contract could then be filed and recorded at the county clerk’s office just like a mortgage, a lien, or deed. Such an approach would allow compliance with the expanded definition of marriage while still accommodating the religious beliefs of those who serve our state.

As this solutions displays, Matt Bevin is not only a pragmatic thinker, but he understands that governing is about stepping in the gap and proposing workable solutions that protect the rights of all. Jack Conway could have done his job and didn’t. His failure to do his job cost KY taxpayers over $400,000 in outside lawyer fees. For this and many other reasons, Matt Bevin deserves to be Kentucky’s next Governor. He is a Governor for ALL the people, not just special interests that agree with Obama’s party line.


Linda W Rose,



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