‘Star Wars’ more anachronism, still resonates

By Jackson Latta

“It’s true. All of it.” Those were the words spoken by Han Solo in the trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ that was released during Monday Night Football this week to much acclaim. The trailer and all its fan-boy goodness are probably still trending on Twitter as I type this out. The showing brought the internet to a halt as all eyes poured over the release. The Millennium Falcon soaring through a battle, the familiar musical score of John Williams; it was just all so perfect. But after probably my sixth or seventh viewing, the one thing that truly resonated with me were those words. “It’s true. All of it.”

Star Wars landed in theaters when I was two-years-old. I was of that generation who grew up with Star Wars. Before cos-play became a thing, kids like me ran through their homes in bathrobes, swinging broom sticks trying our best to imitate the “Woaw Woaaw” sound effects of swooshing light sabers. We were the blockbuster generation. Afternoons spent combing along the river banks and mountains of Eastern Kentucky fighting Nazi’s and searching for treasure like Indiana Jones. Summers spent in swimming pools with a legitimate fear that a dorsal fin of a Great White Shark might break the water. Bicycle rides where you could almost picture yourself flying over the hilltops.

After watching the new Star Wars movie, this generation will do little more than to post a selfie of themselves standing in line on Facebook. Maybe a shrill tweet of unfulfilled expectations.

Now at 40 years of age, its hard to explain to children a childhood that they will never experience. During our youth, movies and television were still very much a medium catering to adult tastes. There wasn’t a never-ending stream of comic book movies. The ability for a movie to make a lasting impact was real. And that has seemingly been lost in the unending hurricane of mega-movies that swoop in every year.

My kids looked at me with confusion when I teared up after watching the Star Wars movie trailer Monday night. They can’t understand a world that was so much simpler. The new batch of movies will never touch their soul the way it did for an entire generation. As Han Solo, played by the aged Harrison Ford, speaks those words; it feels as though he is speaking to me, and to everyone with which I share that Star Wars bond. There was once a time, much different from today, when we all shared in something special.

“It’s true. All of it.”

By Jackson Latta


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