Senator Jones, Others Issue Statment On Removal Of Jefferson Davis Statue

“We, the Senate Democratic Leadership Team, believe the statue of Jefferson Davis should not be displayed in the State Capitol Rotunda. Jefferson Davis is a part of our collective history, but his role is not consistent with the contributions of Abraham Lincoln, Henry Clay and Alben Barkley. The Jefferson Davis statue should be removed from the rotunda and put on display in a proper historical context – a place of history — not in the people’s space in the center of government.

“But more importantly, we – as a state and nation — must correct this legacy of racism that continues to undermine our highest values — fairness and justice. The removal of this unacceptable symbol is not sufficient without dedicated, sustained and corrective action. The statue and its legacy represent a period in history that stifles our opportunity for greatness as a commonwealth. We can remove such symbols, but this means nothing if it is not followed by focused, determined action. We call upon legislative leaders, rank and file members, and all people of good will to demonstrate their commitment, through action, that provides for the economic and social justice that is due to all our citizens.”

—Senate Democratic Floor Leader Ray S. Jones II

—Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Gerald A. Neal

—Senate Democratic Caucus Whip Julian M. Carroll

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