Dear Editor,

In Floyd County Schools we talk a lot about becoming a district of excellence, doing whatever it takes for KIDS and how vital teamwork is to our goals. We know that our TEAM is focused on these points and we are thankful that our parents, families and community members are embracing these beliefs as well. Today, we’d like to recognize the outstanding community partnership that we have with Sheriff John Hunt and the Floyd County Sheriffs Department.

Sheriff John Hunt and members of his department are active in our schools. Recently, they delivered books to every first grade child in our district. They went beyond just delivering the books; the sheriff and his team took time to read with our KIDS. Sheriff Hunt believes that serving the community is more than simply policing the community and that is evident in his actions.

In addition to visiting classrooms, members of the Floyd County Sheriffs Department attend meetings with our school district. From our emergency management committee to board of education meetings, John and his team are there. They can be seen at early childhood events, ballgames and everything in between. We truly appreciate their support for our KIDS.

Here’s today’s example of the commitment of Sheriff Hunt to our KIDS, our schools and our communities. Last night’s storms made a few of our roads unsafe for bus travel. John understands it is especially important for KIDS to be in school today as state tests are being given. He knows that KIDS demonstrating how much they’ve learned during the year is important to everyone in Floyd County. Sheriff Hunt drove a road that a bus could not travel safely and picked up three students and then drove them to school. That’s a professional and personal commitment to our KIDS.

Our Board team and all our employees are grateful to have Sheriff John Hunt and his department working with us for the KIDS of Floyd County. Thanks again John.


Henry Webb,


Floyd County Schools

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