Fire Chief Gerald Clark named American Red Cross Hero of the Year

The following is a letter from Floyd County resident Troy Cole:

Chief Eddie Clark has helped lead Betsy Layne Fire Department to some great accomplishments. One that stands out is becoming the first solely volunteer fire department east of the Mississippi River to receive an ISO protection class rating of 4 in 1990. He has done so with pride, honor, integrity, and a true passion for what he loves since the fall of 1971. Just four years after joining the department, he became Fire Chief and is only the fifth ever fire chief of the Betsy Layne Fire Department.

He is his outstanding capabilities to three things: Most importantly being right with Jesus Christ, being in good physical condition, and being very well-trained to face even the most extreme danger and has been on call 24-7 for over 44 years.

Just a few short of a half of century, Chief Eddie Clark has closed his own business to help someone in need. He has seen more tragedy in his life than most others could only imagine. He has toughed out the rough times, seeing death both in the firefighting field as well as a loss of an active member of his department.

Chief Clark is an icon in his community. He was inducted into the Betsy Layne High School Hall of Fame on December 11, 2015.

When we need that special someone to look up to, Chief Eddie Clark is that person. He gives his best for the Betsy Layne Fire Department and his community and never takes credit for all he has done.

The Fire Department has been Chief’s life. Chief Clark never takes credit for all he has done. He has been a part of Betsy Layne Fire Department for 44 years. The heritage and tradition that is Betsy Layne Fire Department would not be what it is today with Chief Eddie Clark.

He has won many awards over the years. The most recent award he was honored with was the Red Cross Hero of the Year. On behalf of the fire department and the community, thanks chief for being a hero to all in our community.

Troy Cole

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