Vance wins fourth consecutive feature race

Floyd County driver Ervin Vance won his fourth straight Open Wheel Modified feature race at 201 Speedway on Saturday night.

Veteran Late Model driver Chris Combs returned to victory lane at 201 Speedway over the weekend.

SITKA – Floyd County driver Ervin Vance notched his fourth straight Open Wheel Modified feature win over the weekend, winning on Kids Night at 201 Speedway Saturday night.

Fans flocked to the Johnson County ace track for its annual Kids Night.

Joining Vance in victory lane with feature wins of their own were Chris Combs (Late Model), Tim Mason (Bomber) and Dylan Miller (Four-Cylinder).

Complete feature race results from 201 Speedway’s Kids Night follow.

Late Model Feature: 1. 47-Chris Combs; 2. 9-Terry Hicks; 3. 88-Tommy Bailey; 4. 21-Kirk Phillips; 5. 16-Paul Davis; 6. CJ1-Charlie Jude; 7. 5-Stephen Breeding; 8. J11-James Butcher; 9. 11-Benny Butcher; 10. 4-Victor Lee; 11. 1-Joe King; 12. 12D-Daniel Williams; 13. 51-Billy Butcher.

Open Wheel Modified Feature: 1. P20-Ervin Vance; 2. 3J-Jim LeMaster; 3. 43K-Kevin Hall; 4. 3G-Bryston Guthrie; 5. 26-Colby Blanton; 6. 11-Scott LeMaster; 7. 44-Korey Cochran; 8. 74-Bennie Blackburn; 9. 13-Josh Sexton; 10. 911-Jason Hall.

Bomber Feature: 1. 45-Tim Mason; 2. 14-Jeremy Brietz; 3. 16-Zach Howell; 4. 29-Richard Brewer; 5. 14K-Chris Blanton; 6. A85-Brandon Hutchinson; 7. Z28-Logan Burke; 8. S17-Jason Hall; 9. 22-Justin Jaynes; 10. 16-Jonathan Whitt; 11. 8A-Daniel Webb; 12. 1-Shane Bailey; 13. 73-Charlie Mullet; 14. B57-Michael Blair; 15. B57-Billy Webb; 16. 411-Brandon Ratliff.

Four-Cylinder Feature: 1. 3-Dylan Miller; 2. 6-Chandler Belcher; 3. 2B-Matthew Norman; 4. M55-Mark Jude; 5. 14-Ben Belcher; 6. 19-Tory Smith; 7. 33-Matt Akers; 8. AR15-Dave McCarty.

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